1 week into pregnancy- what should you know?

1 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy is something that you can all learn about but can never be truly ready for. It is a new experience for most people and even if you have been through it before, next time too will feel like an entirely different experience of its own. However, while knowledge itself does not make you ready for the whole experience, what you know will make a huge difference in getting you ready to go through the whole deal.

Therefore, we will be coming with a whole series of articles that will equip with the knowledge one needs to deal with pregnancy. And we thought there is not a better place to start rather than 1 weeks pregnant.

What it means by 1 weeks pregnant

Being one week pregnant is something of little confusion. Usually, the 1 week of one’s pregnancy is being counted from day number one’s last period. Apparently, this has been made the case because conception as well ovulation are not things that can be pinpointed with ease.

Therefore basically, in the most literal sense, one week pregnant is not actually pregnant. In fact, one is in their menstruation period and not really conceived even. It will not have taken place until the 3rd or 4th week to the pregnancy cycle. Therefore, if you have been found to be pregnant in a check, chances are you are in the fourth week of pregnancy. Yes, these terms can look a bit confusing and counter-intuitive. But it is what it is!

1 weeks pregnant characteristics.

As mentioned earlier, it is important to learn that, 1 weeks pregnancy characteristics are not really characteristics are just signs of a common menstruation round. These can be lingering for a time of 5 to 7 days.

  • Bleeding from the vagina

Just like any other month, one’s uterus will be removing its uterine lining. By doing so it is removing the previous month’s egg that is not fertilized.

  • Back pain on lower areas as well as cramps

In the process of removing a shedding the uterine lining, it gets contracts to remove it. This can lead to really painful backs pains as well as muscle cramps.

  • Mood swings

There is a complex process that is happening inside one’s boy, this leads to fluctuation of hormonal changes that take place. This can be visible through sudden mood changes. It is a common conception that females are easily angered or saddened during this period of time.

Even contraption pain is a reason for those mood changes. The continuous pain can put a person in an irritating position.

  • Bloating

Those hormone changes can result in bloating in your abdomen area. It can cause slight uneasiness to one.

  • Severe headaches

It is common that females usually go to a state of menstruation migraine this is also result of the raging hormones. Usually, it is happening in the first half of the menstruation cycle.


Even though 1 weeks pregnant is not important in the scheme of pregnancy, it is important. Because it is the beginning of a journey which will be remembered for life. Good luck!


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