2 Weeks Into a Pregnancy, What Should You Know?

2 weeks pregnant

Welcome back to the third installment of the series. This series is entirely dedicated to the pregnancy and our pregnant ladies here who are about to witness the most magical thing in the universe, which is childbirth.

2 weeks pregnant means that one is basically 38 weeks away from holding their new family member in their hands with happy tears. It is so early in the pregnancy cycle that there is probably no way to realize that somebody is pregnant.

It is so early in the cycle that there is a good possibility that one is not even pregnant by this point. Let us explain this confusion in this article. Since conception, as well as ovulation, are such hard things to pinpoint with significant accuracy, most doctors, as well as medical professionals, count the weeks starting off the first day of the last menstruation time period. Therefore, by this time, there is a great chance that you have not even conceived, let alone pregnant. Furthermore, since this is how they have counted the weeks, it is at earliest, the fourth week that one can learn that they are, indeed, pregnant.

However, having said that, by the second week, there could be certain aspects that will tell one if they are going to become a mother or not. But these signs are not arbitrary. They could be, very well due to other reasons as well. But it is okay to raise your hopes up for a certain extent if you witness these.

2-week pregnant aspects

2 Weeks Pregnancy
2 Weeks Pregnancy
  • Changes of cervical mucus

Cervical mucus will see drastic changes if one is actually the second week into the pregnancy. It will convert into a thin, clear and as well as stringy liquid as one is approaching the ovulation. To put into perspective, mucus will start to look like egg whites

  • Phenomenon called light spotting

At or around the period of ovulation, one will find a reddish tinge on their underwear. This is happening due to the rupturing of the follicle around the egg.

However, it is worth noting that this is not actually bleeding. If one is to find actual blood on the underwear, we suggest they seek professional medical help right away.

  • Hormonal alteration

This is the time that one’s hormones start to fluctuate and go haywire. This will amount to a number of changes that will be discussed down here

  • Enhanced nasal sensory

These hormones can make a woman gain semi super sensing of smell. Their ability to smell and distinguish between different orders will be greatly enhanced.

The reason for this is quite anthropological. This is a way of nature letting the females to smell and choose male pheromones in order to procreate.

  • Enhanced sex drive

Due to the hormonal changes that come alongside ovulation, the female sex drive naturally goes up higher. This is a common cause of females.

2 Weeks Into a Pregnancy, What Should You Know
2 Weeks Into a Pregnancy, What Should You Know


Check if your ovulation period has come, using an ovulation test. In addition to that, take a prenatal vitamin on a daily basis.

Good luck!


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