[3] Apple Benefits For Face And Skin (2019)

Apple Benefits For Face And Skin
Apple Benefits For Face And Skin

Apple a day, keeps the beauticians away too

Apple is, of course, one of the most famous fruits in the globe of its entirety. It is grown all across the seven oceans and loved by all cultures and races throughout. It can be found in many different colors, shapes, and textures all throughout. However, the most famous ones of red and green color. Apple is so famous that one is able to find many products that has something to do with apple. For example, apple drinks are extremely well known and preferred by most people. Apple has a wide range of taste differences as well. One can find those tastes to be varied from sour to really sweet.

However, this article is not about the taste of the apples. (Although it sweetens the whole deal.) This article is about the health benefits of this heavenly fruit. To be more precise, this article is going to dive deep into apple benefits for face and skin. As we conducted this research, it was to our bewilderment that we found how effective and helpful apple can be when it comes to skin care.

What is in it?

As said earlier, apple contains a lot of health effective benefits. It is only logical to think that, apple is full of great nutrient factors in order to be that health beneficial

This portion of the article will be on what exactly those nutrients are

Following are the nutrients one can get, if he is to eat 100 g worth apple

  • Energy of 218 kJ
  • 13.81 g of carbohydrates
  • Vitamin A B6 C E and K
  • thiamine B1
  • Folate
  • 107 mg of potassium
  • 6 m of calcium

Above are a small extract from a long list. If you want the full list, please visit the food composition tables of the department of agriculture of United States.

Apple benefits for face and skin

Apple benefits for face and skin
Apple benefits for face and skin

All those numbers in the above section mean nothing to us if they did not have any real-life implications. But luckily, in this case, they do.

1. Apple for hydrated skin

For the skin to be soft and nice, it has to well hydrated. Without the hydration a skin would crazy and fallout.

Drinking significant amounts of water can only go so far. However, apple is for the most part made of water. Therefore eating apple will hydrate one’s face and the skin.

Furthermore, Apple is home to a lot of vitamin E which is known to help to hydrate skin. That is why Apple finds itself in most of the facial packs and masks

2. Against UV rays

While sun is the source of our sustenance, its UV rays can be extremely unhealthy for your skin. It can damage the skin in a cellular level. A kind of damage that would take a long time to mended, even with the proper medication.

All one has to do with grate an apple to a pulp, then combine it with a spoon of glycerine. Afterward, apple this in the face and the areas that will be exposed to sun rays the most. Keep it intact for 15 minutes then wash it off using lukewarm water.

3. Replace your laboratory made toner

Apple is great to be utilised as a natural toner. The vitamins that are in abundance inside apple can tighten the skin and give it structure.

Furthermore, nutrients in apple will enhance the blood circulation that will result in a more lavished and rich skin.

Not stopping there, apple will regulate the pH value of the skin as well.


Apple Benefits
Apple Benefits

Apple is not only one delicious fruit with refreshing qualities. Apple benefits for face and skin overall are nothing short of amazing too.


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