3 Weeks Pregnant; What is There To Know

3 weeks pregnant
3 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy is not a simple thing. Whether it is your first time or the fifth time, it is as difficult as ever. We are here to provide you with the knowledge that will help you.

Welcome to the third installment of the series, accordingly, talking about how it is like to be three weeks pregnant. We talked about the previous two weeks in the articles before so if it is deemed necessary, they are here for you to check out.

As far as the place of week three in the context of the 40 weeks of pregnancy is considered, it is still in the infant stage. (No pun intended)

What it means by 3 weeks pregnant

This, to be honest, is the week that your body is actually starting to work its way towards you listening to those giggles of pure pleasure in the three quarter of a year. It is the week where the body may start to get ready. Even though that is the case, you my still not know that it is, as there is still no way for one to know in the third week.

If you are wondering how it is already the third week yet one is not able to know, it is because of the way these weeks are counted. The countdown starts from the first day of the last menstruation since it is near impossible to know when one is conceived as well as ovulated

3 weeks pregnant characteristics

As said earlier, there is no any major way for one to dictate if one is pregnant during the third week. However, there will still be a subtle hint of what is running in the background.

1. Bleeding

The egg has been planted in the uterus and as a result of that, one is able to notice few blood spots in one’s underwear. This happens as the eggplants itself into the walls of the uterus.

2. Nausea

This is one of the really common symptoms. In fact, this is where most people are beginning to suspect if this is the case. This is happening due to the newfound hCG hormones in one’s blood. The circulation of the said hormone can make somebody feel vomitus as well as queasy, however, the third week is not when you will feel the full wrath of the newfound hCG rush. The only way for it gets unbearable is if you are more than three weeks or you are going to be a mother of two beautiful twins. This is because women pregnant with twins have more hCG in their blood than usual.

3. Alterations in the breast

One’s nipples will start to feel sore and the area around will start to get a bit dark. This happens because the body and breast, in particular, is prepping itself for breast milk. If it gets too much to bear, there are lotions and creams that will help you.

4. Pregnancy tests will start to show

If you decided that you have gotten the above-mentioned ones and do decide to test it with a pregnancy test, chances are such that it will come positive. Because the test is looking for elevated hCG levels, which are elevated by this point.


This is all about being 3 weeks pregnant. Keep it in mind to calculate ones due date, and learn on the first trimester.

Good luck


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