3D Home – Your home the way you want it to be

3D Home – Your home the way you want it to be
3D Home – Your home the way you want it to be

A 2D home plan is always difficult to understand. Your architecture may draw a plan according to what you ask. But how can you make sure he drew the exact thing? Sometimes you will have to wait until all constructions to be completed. But, then can you make changes? No you can’t change anything. If you still want a change it will cost a huge money. Don’t worry. We have a simple solution to save you from wasting your money. What if we say we can build and show your home even before you buy a land. We can design your home according to a 2D house plan in 3D. So, you can view every single inch of your home in a virtual environment. (probably on your computer laptop or TV)

Who are we?

We are a team of qualified highly professional team of architectures with more than 200,000 hours of experience. Also, we have the biggest professional designer team baised on Sri Lanka mastered on 3D home modeling. Ore 3D visualazions have a very high quality. Also, if you are in a hurry we can deliver your plan super fast. We guarant you that you will be 100% satisfied about our services.

Our Services

We provide Architecture 3D rendering services such as,

  • Exterior 3D rendering
  • Interior 3D rendering
  • Both 2D and 3D Floor plans

Also, we provide architectural floor planning services in both 2D and 3D. You can also get AutoCAD designing’s from us.

Home Exterior 3D rendering services

Home Exterior 3D rendering services

Exterior is the most important part of your home. If you have a well organized exterior architecture setup, it can give a huge attraction to your home. Also, the exterior provides the first impression on your home to any visitor. So, if you want to build a house according to modern, classic or any other architecture, the exterior design is the most important part to show off the plan inside your head.

It doesn’t matter what kind of plan you have. It may be a home, a hotel, a villa or anything else. According to the 2D sketch you provide, we can build a 3D model of your home. Also, we do provide 3D rendering services. You can get a 3D image and a 3D animation of your homes 3D model. Not only that you can get a 3D walkthrough video. So, you can examine every single inch of your dream homes exterior without even buying a single brick.

Home Interior 3D rendering services

We all like to live in a super cool comfortable home. It is not always expensive to have a cool bed room a kitchen or  a living area.  With a proper design of a professional artist you can bring the best interior look to your home. It doesn’t matter what  kind of furnishes you have or how much space you have. We are experts in interior designing and we are capable of transforming any hell in to a heaven.

By analyzing the floor plan we can create phtorealistic visualizations of your home interior. We just need the floor plan and your requirements. Then we add and design the interior of your home which will look almost real.

Interior designing is really important. It can even change your mood. With a little interior plan which can advice on best furnishes, furnishes placements, wallpapers, wall covers, floor coverings and almost everything, you can make your home an attractive and comfortable.

2D drawings

All constructions are done according to a 2D bulding plan. A 2D building plan consist all instructions to the builder. Where the door should be, how many windows are ther, how big the living room is. Everything is there. So, the 2D drawing is like the real base of the house.  Drawing the 2D plan of a house require plenty of experience and knowledge. You may think the doors and windows are just placed around. But, all the placements should be done according to scientific methods.

The 2D plan also consist the structural design of your home.  If the strucher is not built according to a proper engineering methodologies, your home may be strong enough to long last.

2D drawings
2D drawings

How to get our service

We promise that we can provide you a super fast service. Just feel free to contact us through our website. We are also available on the fiverr platform. So, you can either get our services directly or through fiverr.

First you can contact us and provide your requirements. Then we will deliver the quote and the time frame for the project free of cost. So, if you are happy with our quotation we can immediately start your project.

If you are not sure about what kind of a home to build, feel free to contact us.  As we have plenty of experiences we can give the best options which suits your budget space and “Dreams”

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