4 Four Extremely Underrated Cinnamon Benefits

Cinnamon Benefits
4 Four Extremely Underrated Cinnamon Benefits

Dating back to the age of Pyramids and Pharaohs, cinnamon has always been an ingredient that augments the flavor of food. Cinnamon was a rare and highly valued commodity then but is now a common spice that anybody can find in the nearest shop or the supermarket. however, cinnamon benefits have always been talked about. specially with regards to diseases such as diabetes.

We can find two categories of cinnamon in the market

  • Cassia cinnamon

The public category of cinnamon. Highly common.

  • Ceylon cinnamon

Also goes as “true cinnamon.” locatable in Sri Lanka, which is an island south to the Indian Subcontinent

what does it do?

However, the medicinal importance of this renowned spice is only discovered in recent times.  Cinnamon has so many components that can be advantageous to one’s health that, it is almost too good to be true!

Cinnamon for diabetes

Diabetes has become an epidemic. Around 9% of the world is diabetic according to the latest studies conducted. Type 2 of diabetes is when cells stop reacting to insulin. Regular consumption of cinnamon can help reduce the struggle of the cells, thus regulate the glucose percentage of the blood.

Not only for you, can even your old pet dog avert the risk of getting diabetes through getting half a tablespoon dose of cinnamon every day.

Furthermore, cinnamon can help you control your cholesterol too. It can shrink LDP cholesterol up to 27% while stabling the HDP in your body.

Cinnamon benefits for hair and skin

Cinnamon is a famous herb for various forms of skin treatments. From ancient times, cinnamon has been used for skincare and remedy skin disorders.

Cinnamon can be a great but mildly painful antiseptic. It is important to be mindful, however, because it can cause a bit of a sting. Collectively with few other natural ingredients such as olive oil, cinnamon can be used as organic lip plumper as well. In addition, cinnamon is the main ingredient of all the Advanced Glycation End (GLE) products. These are used to slow down the aging of the skin.

Cinnamon is found as a functional solution for hair fall.  Weekly application of Cinnamon mixed with honey and olive oil to massage your scalp will see in considerable hair growth

Cinnamon benefits for weight loss

You can find a plethora of chemicals inside cinnamon that can regulate the metabolism of the human body, especially the metabolism of carbohydrates. Medicinal advantages aside, it can be a delicious component of a low calorie, low carb diet. There have been many cases found in which a few spoons of honey with cinnamon before bed have resulted in drastic weight losses. However, it is not yet clinically proven.

Cinnamon for cancer

While it is not clinically proven, cinnamon can potentially be a great counter reactor against cancer. Cinnamon is fortified with assets that drop the rate of the growth of the cancer cells along with blood cells with patterns of cancerous potential.

Cinnamon devises the properties that would render it to force the body to enforce detoxifiers in Colon, which can potentially reduce the chance of a person having to suffer from a Colon cancer


To summarize, it is clear that cinnamon is basically a bomb of nutrition that is able to impact your personal health for magical levels. Even the cinnamon befits are plenty, it is sad how most people are oblivious to these extremely healthful gifts of the Mother Nature. cinnamon benefits should be made aware to each and everybody.


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