4 Health Benefits of Pomegranate (2020)

Pomegranate benefits
Four Amazing Pomegranate benefits for men 2019

What is it?

More often than not, when we use the phrase “too good to be true,” chances are, it usually is not. That is not the case with this heavenly offering of a fruit. When it comes to Pomegranate, one cannot help but feel as if it actually is too good to be true.

 Originated in South Indian and Iranian regions, pomegranate, as of today has found its way throughout the entire world. And for reasons that are quite obvious too; delicious flavor, tantalizing color and texture alongside the mighty figurative punch it packs in the department of nutrients.

Pomegranate, as mentioned earlier, brings in a lot of healthy chemical compounds to its consumer. These are beyond any restriction of age or gender.

However, in this article, our primary focus will be on pomegranate benefits for men in this article. Because it is impossible talk about all that this heavenly fruit has to offer.

One thing is for sure my fellow gents. You will see this red goodness in a completely different light by the end of this writing.

What is in it?

It is being mentioned times and times in this article that pomegranate is packed with nutrients. Let us delve into the numbers of it

In a 100 g plate of pomegranate, you will find following

  • 346 kJ of energy
  • 18.7 g of carbohydrates
  • 1.17 g of fat
  • 1.167 g of Protein
  • Vitamin B6 C E K
  • Thiamine B1
  • 7.6 mg of Choline
  • 10 mg of Calcium
  • 236 of Potassium
  • 3 mg of Sodium

These are only few names from a long list of nutrients which you can check if you visit the food composition database of United States Department of Agriculture

What does it do?

Pomegranate benefits
Pomegranate benefits-www.bobhow.com
  1. Betterment of sexual health and performance

Pomegranate juice has been used all throughout the world as an enhancement aider for sex related health and activities. The high percentage of anti-oxidants that can be found in pomegranate helps body counter-react to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is something that can directly influence one’s fertility.

Furthermore, drinking pomegranates juice can help increase the testosterone levels in one’s body. The mechanism behind this is that, pomegranate diminishes the oxidative stress in placenta. This helps testosterone levels to go up.

  • Endurance and performance enhancing in sports

Studies have revealed that pomegranate juice can in fat help a great deal for sportspersons. They have found that it can help heal post-exercise soreness as well as help in augmenting strength recovery.

It can also take part in retreating the oxidative damages that can be happened as a result of exercising

  • For Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer is a disease that can be mostly seen in men, eventhough it is not limited by the gender. We can frequently see this in men who are past their middle age. Extreme loss of self-awareness, self-presence, and memory are the characteristics of this disease.

Anti-oxidants which are in high concentrations in pomegranates are studied to stall the process of Alzheimer’s and protect one’s memory. This can be seen as one of the biggest pomegranate benefits for men.

  • Blood pressure

Last but not least, pomegranate can, when taken in daily regulations, lower the blood pressure. It is researched that its juice can help the flow of blood as well.

Furthermore, medical professionals worldwide prescribe pomegranate for their blood pressure and heart patients


It is clear that pomegranate is a force of nature that needs to be reckoned with. It brings a plethora of great health benefits for men which only a synthesized pill from a lab would do. It is suffice to say that pomegranate benefits for men- every man should know.

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