4 Mind-Blowing Lemon Benefits For Skin

Lemon Benefits For Skin
4 Mind-Blowing Lemon Benefits For Skin

When life gives you lemon. You make yourself look better.

Lemon is indeed one of the most beloved fruits of the 21st century. If one was to make a list of the most consumed drinks all around the globe, he is sure to find lemonade among the top ten. Especially in western culture, it has become a prominent beverage.  Much like the other siblings of the citrus family, the sour taste coupled with ice and sugar amount to a fabulous thirst quench.

To talk about the citrus family, it is possible to see at least one of its descendants being of service in each and every part of the globe. Lime and oranges hold the same kind of notoriety that lime does.

However, a little known fact about lemon is that lemon benefits for skin are of quite the abundance. There are a plethora of ways in which lemon can benefit its consumers as far as the skin is concerned.  Of course, even without going into details, we can all surmise that given how famous citrus family is for magnanimous amounts of vitamins the Of course, even without going into details, we can all surmise that given how famous citrus family is for magnanimous amounts of vitamins they contain.

What does it have?

Vitamin is not the only thing lemonade will be offering. Lemonade is quite filled with a number of the nutrient particles. Let us dive deep into lemonade nutrients.

  • Energy 121Kj
  • 9.32 g of carbohydrates
  • 0.3 g of fat
  • 1.1 g of protein
  • Vitamin B6 C
  • Thiamine B1
  • 26 mg of calcium
  • Potassium worth 138 mg

This is but a small extract from a long list of nutrients. If you want to visit the full list, please visit the food composition table presented United States department of agriculture

Lemon benefits for skin

Let us see how these translate into real-life possibilities.

1. Lemon as a moisturizer

Lemon can amount to being a really good moisturizer. With the overwhelming antibacterial properties that lemonade possesses, one can derive a great moisturizer mixed with a few drops of coconut water. That way one can achieve both hydrations as well as cleansing for the skin

However, it is important to utilize with caution, if you are prone to skin damages and one with a weak skin

2. Lemon for blackheads

Looking for blackhead treatment? Then look no further than lemonade! This is being made possible by the citric acid found in lemon. Rubbing a slice of it after cleansing will do just what you expect

3. To whiten up teeth

Lemon, coupled with baking soda, works as an effective teeth cleaner. Apply the said mixture before brushing the teeth up. This will give one appreciative effect.

4. Lemon for a brighter skin

Vitamin C, as well as citrus acid, is well known for its skin brightening capabilities. And lemonade is filled to the brim with them. Antioxidants in these can fend off free radicals that would hinder the collagen production.


These are but a few of an extensive list of lemon benefits for the skin. It is amazing that one fruit alone can offer so many benefits for the skin. Nature is truly wonderful


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