4 Weeks Pregnant; All You Have To Learn

4 weeks pregnant

We have come afar

Welcome to the 4th week of the 40 weeks long journey of pregnancy. You learn of the new development and that will make it really stressful. This stress has nothing to do with how many times one has been through this. The stress will be the same. However, the only difference being, we will be here to share the stress with you and give our knowledge.

As said earlier, this is the week that can be considered as the first week of actual pregnancy. Let us explain what we meant, just like we did in the previous articles. Due to the impossible nature of the task of pinpointing the exact dates that one conceived as well ovulated, medical professionals have made it a practice to count the weeks starting off the first day of the last round of menstruation. Therefore, the week of actual pregnancy is counted as week four. Odd, but who are e to judge?

As they say, fourth week is where things start to get really real, therefore, we suggest you pay close attention to details.

What is it like to be 4 weeks pregnant?

Excitement or shock, this is the time where people find themselves to be in a lot of powerful feelings, as you are new to this pregnancy shebang. Confusion would be real. Even though it is real, you will not feel the whole package of what it means to be pregnant as it is still really early. Therefore it is of paramount importance that one takes time and process things slow.

About the baby

Yes, for the first time, we can call him or her a baby. A baby, who is by this point is a little bit smaller than a poppy seed. And he is called a blastocyst, which in Latin, literally means a ball of cells.

Characteristics of 4 weeks pregnant

You will start to feel these much more than the previous two weeks. Think of it as advancing the next level of pregnancy.

1. Bloating

 Constant bloating will be the highlight of your day. due to the hormonal changes, one will feel a nature of bloating in the abdomen area.

2. Cramps.

Just like bloating, be expectant of cramps anytime anywhere, no longer will ramp be things that you experience once in a while. This is the sign of the instilment of baby in one’s uterus.

However, if the camps are getting unbearably sever, which is something that should not be happening at this week, visit your doctor so they can rule out the problem.

3. Blood spotting

Light spotting will continue from last week to this as well. This is not something to fret over. However, if it is too much, then the above advice goes for this as well. Consult your doctor as soon as possible and get yourself medical examined.

4. Mood swings

There will be a lot of these in this time of the cycle. This is due to the influx of hormones as well as the irritable nature one’s body puts one under. This will be lingering for another eight weeks before wearing off therefore better let your closest and dearest know!

5. Fatigue

Due to the same reasons on the above, feeling of extreme fatigue will be a case as well. However, unfortunately, this will not go away till the 40th week.


4 weeks pregnant is the beginning of a hard yet amazing road. But the destination will be one for life.



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