[5] Top Gotu Kola Benefits For skin (2019)

Gotuk kola Benefits For skin
[5] Top Gotuk kola Benefits For skin (2019)

What & Where

Having its home in the wetlands, Gotu Kola is a frequently utilized herb in the Asian households, in particular, in south Asian region. (Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) it has been utilized so long in mainly two purposes; culinary and remedial purposes. Especially in culinary purposes, Gotu Kola has been implemented as its own dish as well as a complement to various other dishes, both meat and vegetation based alike. As far as medicinal utilizations go, it has been opted as a major component in a lot of remedies in Sri Lankan and Indian Ayurwedic medicinal practices.

Benefits for skin

However, as of late, Gotu Kola has gained quite the reputation for its clinically proven effectiveness for skin care. Doctors across the seven seas have recognized that Gotu Kola holds a plethora of ingredients that would tend and care for the consumer’s skin. Studies have shown the fact that, not only does Gotu Kola nourishes one’s skin, it also protects against callouses, and rashes as well.

Let us all explore how much of a nature’s bliss Gotu Kola actually is.

Gotu Kola for Scars, marks and callouses

Gotu Kola, as mentioned again and again earlier, is brimmed with ingredients that are healthy for human skins. In this particular case, it is crawling with Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial and Anti-viral ingredients. Hence, Gotu Kola is definable as an herb that would be ideal to treat skin deformations such as scars, burns and marks.

Furthermore, the Anti-oxidants in Gotu Kola intensifies the blood as well as oxygen circulation around the area of a wound or a burn, help the healing process in its speed.

This raise of the anti-oxidants influence to a higher degree of fibroblast production. This fibroblast is one of the main requirements in synthesizing Collagen. Collagen affects directly in the procedure of diminishing the stretch marks as well as scars upon one’s skin.

Gotu Kola for anti-aging

Gotu Kola can be used as a natural toner for the skin. When applied correctly in appropriate forms and dosages, Gotu Kola help tighten up your skin, thus the reason why Gotu Kola extracts could be found in any Anti-aging or skin toning product nowadays, be it pills, cream or a drink. As mentioned before, Gotu Kola helps augment the Collagen making of human body. Just like how Collagen will help with scars and marks, it will also help diminish wrinkles and fine lines

Gotu Kola benefits for Cellulitis

Cellulitis more often than not results in reddish lumps and dimple like skin around sensitive skin areas such as groins and armpits. It can often be embarrassing and in general, not pleasant. The diuretic nature of Gotu Kola is able to aide with the condition by augmenting the blood flow around the affected area.

When talking about Gotu kola benefits for skin, we cannot miss what Gotu Kola does to the skin in the hair, the scalp

Got kola for hair loss

Gotu Kola is renowned to treat the loss of hair. Hair loss usually is triggered by the weakened hair follicles. Gotu Kola is able to fortify the blood vessels around and also can nourish the malnourished hair.

Improved blood transmission in the scalp

Gotu Kola is rich with Anti-oxidants as said earlier, these anti-oxidants will result in better blood flow within scalp, resulting in a healthier as well as stronger scalp


                These are benefits of Gotu Kola for skin alone. Gotu Kola consists a lot of other assistances for various other functionalities of the body such as blood transmission in heart and construction of           insulin in pancreas. So, to call Gotu Kola, a gift of nature, would not be an understatement.


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