5 Weeks Pregnant; All You Need To Know!

5 weeks pregnant
5 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy is something that will be equally scary and exciting, every time one goes through with it. It never gets easier in any way and it will never get any easier if it is your first or tenth. And everybody goes through the event pregnancy in some way or the other. It could be one’s sister, wife, daughter or one’s own self that is going through this. But it is a stressing as well as an exciting time period for everybody who is around.

But fear not, we are right behind you and will be providing you with all the knowledge that is necessary for you to traverse this situation. This article will be for those who are 5 weeks pregnant. There is much to learn about these exciting times. And we will not be leaving one stone unturned.

What is it like to be 5 weeks pregnant?

In case you missed the message in the week 4, fifth week will make sure that you actually receive it. Hormones are going haywire and all the symptoms that you just ignored in week 4, crediting it to just morning sickness or mild fever, will double down on you this week. Sore breast, fatigue as well as nausea will be things you cannot ignore.

5 weeks pregnant; size of the baby

By this point, after 5 weeks, the baby will have grown significantly in size from the 4th week, although it might not look so significant in actual size. According to medical professionals, the size of a baby at this point will be roughly equal to the size of an apple seed. Although at this point the baby is approximately 0.3 inches, he will grow exponentially after this point.

5 weeks pregnant characteristics

Basically, at this point, you will feel everything you felt last week, only with a bit more intensity. In some cases, one may feel in ways he did not last week. Following are the most commonly occurred characteristics of 5 weeks pregnant.

1. Sore breasts

From the slight inconvenience of last week, this turns up the notch for a constant annoyance. It will be relentless and will only get a more intensified by each week

2. Morning sickness

This is defined dead wrong as, instead of morning, the nauseated condition can rock you off balance at any given hour of the day. But wait, it can get even worse, as most pregnant mothers feel it all day long.

Way to evade this is sort of a self-science. One will have to see what is effective for themselves. What kind of food or how often one eats. These things may vary. However, it is said that vitamin B6 could help a great deal

3. Extreme fatigue

Creating a baby from scratch is no minute task. Therefore, it is going to draw a lot of power from your system and that coupled with raging hormones will make fatigue a formidable opponent in day to day life.

4. Constant nature calls

You might want to stay in close proximity of a urinal as you will want to urinate many a time a day. This is due to the fact that your kidneys are actually expanding


5 weeks pregnant is another 35 weeks away from seeing unspoiled laughers that will be left with you for the rest of life. The journey is hard. But the journey is very well worth going!

Good luck!


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