6 Weeks Pregnant; Things You Should Learn

6 weeks pregnant
6 weeks pregnant

Being pregnant one’s own self, or being somebody to care for somebody who is pregnant is not a task. It can be challenging in all the ways that there are; physically and mentally. This is why we thought it would be of tremendous help for our viewers if we could give the readership a comprehensive guide on the journey of pregnancy. This is the 6th article of our 40 pieces long article series about the pregnancy, one for each week. 6 weeks pregnant.

While there is only so much we can do as far as being there for you is concerned, we will be doing the best we can, which is to provide you with all the knowledge that you may be in need of to overcome this period of trickery and confusion. Because pregnant is uncharted territory even though one has done it before. It never stops being a new experience.

What is it like to be 6 weeks pregnant?

This is where the real deal begins properly. One might be experiencing early pre-pregnancy symptoms from here on. Not to mix these up with the previously talked about symptoms, these will be different from what one has felt before. These will be much in line with one would feel in the time of the pregnancy.

And the emotional condition will be what that will be most affected by the situation. It is said that one will feel menstruation all throughout the day, only two times the intensity. So it goes without saying that these will be trying times.

6 weeks pregnant; the size of the baby

According to medical journals, the baby at this point will be 0.25 inches, which is two times the size of week 5. This is a pattern that will continue as he grows two times each week for a foreseeable future.

Not to be confused

By this point, your baby is only 2 or maximum 3 weeks old. This happens due to the way that the weeks are being counted. Due to fact that one cannot be certain on when the egg was conceived as well as ovulated, doctors start counting from the first day of the last menstruation cycle. This is where this confusion occurs as it is highly counterintuitive.

6 weeks pregnant; what to expect

1. Constant tiredness

This constant fatigue is a theme of pregnancy. At this point of time, your body is still getting used to accommodating a living creature so it drains all your energy out of you. Furthermore, the raging hormonal fluctuations are of no help either.

2. Nausea

Many call this the morning sickness but we would hate to call it so. Because, by this point, it is no longer a morning affair, but a thing of the whole day. You will be feeling nauseated in levels that may scare you off. Again, blame it on the hormones.

3. Sore breasts

Breast milking is something your body has started to get used to by this point. But still, it will feel sore as it’s still early ages. This is something one will be all too inured to by the 40th week.

4. Change of moods

We all know how bad menstruation mood changes can be. But here it is just that, only two-three times more. The irritation of the tiredness that the body feels and the hormones will make sure that you are one grumpy human. Make sure your beloved see this article so they will be ready for what is coming in their way

5. Bloated stomach and constant urination

Having a baby means one is going through insane proceedings from within. As a result of those, it is common to see bloated stomachs and heavy and more frequent need for urinating.

Urinating happens because one’s kidneys will see a significant enlargement in this period.


Brace yourselves for the hardships that lie ahead from being 6 weeks pregnant. The road will be hard but if there is anything that is worth doing, this will be it

Good luck!


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