A Review of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

xiaomi redmi note 8
xiaomi redmi note 8

Xiaomi Redmi Notes 8 is a stunning phone. It’s affordable. It’s beautiful. It has the latest technology in mobile phones.

xiaomi redmi note 8

The only thing missing in this phone is a Google Play store. In the end, it still works as a smartphone with all the usual features you’d expect from a high-end phone. But because of that, it’s kind of an inferior version of a top-tier phone, and it won’t be on my wish list for now.

At $229, it’s one of the more expensive handsets you can buy. This is largely because of the high-end specs and the Qi wireless chargers. This means that if you buy this, you have to carry a separate charger. If you don’t have one yet, it’s good to know that Xiaomi is bringing its own version of the charger soon.

It’s also a 5.7-inch device, with a thin body that’s perfect for people who want a slim and light phone. Even though the backside is protected by a hard coating, you do need to scratch it with your fingernails before it gives up the bad press.

xiaomi redmi note 8

Like other Xiaomi devices, this phone is made out of glass. It makes it incredibly smooth and easy to grip, but it does make it difficult to wipe fingerprints off the screen.

It’s also got a Full HD screen with a sRGB color display, which is great for photo enthusiasts. Unlike some phones, it’s not like this phone comes with a high-end camera. It’s just average, but then again, the majority of Chinese phones just come with mediocre cameras.

xiaomi redmi note 8
xiaomi redmi note 8

As a result, this phone has a fingerprint scanner and a built-in Qi wireless chargers, and it doesn’t require you to purchase a separate charger. But then again, if you want to buy this phone, the Qi wireless chargers are the best thing to come along since the phone itself.

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