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A vegetable a day keeps the doctor away

Enjoy life Without strife Eat a vegetable once a day To be healthy everyday

Reduction of chronic diseases can be enhanced by adding fruits and veggies for daily meal. So veggies are a precious gift offered by Mother Nature to mankind. Green, orange and yellow legumes are important for daily meals.

Unseen Value in Produces

Fat and calories are low in most veggies as they carry big amount of water. These produce rich nutrients with such as folate, fiber, potassium and C, E, A vitamins. So words are enough to express the benefits of vegetables.

Never visit hospitals

If you taste legumes everyday, you would get rid from non-communicative diseases as well as communicative diseases. Because salads or legumes give birth to numerous nutrients.

Nutritional value

Potassium helps you to maintain good blood pressure levels. Fiber in legumes minimizes the level of cholesterol in your body. Proper bowel functions can be witnessed if you eat veggies. No need to suffer from constipation again as fiber will look after you by putting full stop to it. You will never experience heart diseases if you have legumes in your daily meals. Folic acid is also known as folate. The women who wish to get pregnant must consume folic acid as it aids in proper development of the fetus.
Veggies also give birth to vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are compulsory for the growth of humans from the birth onwards. Vitamins and Minerals in fresh greens are important to fight diseases and protect your body. Vitamin A offers you a healthy skin plus eyes with a good vision. Vitamin C helps to absorb iron easily. Vitamin B helps in curing wounds in your body

Antioxidants in salads prevent you from getting infections by boosting up immunity. Green veggies such as spinach and beans contain Proteins as it helps in growing healthily. Minerals are hidden in green leafy legumes and erases diabetes from our bodies. Beta carotene helps us to get rid from diseases in eyes.

Eat Veggies as you wish

You can say good bye to your diseases if you consume veggies often. To prevent from cancers you have to eat broccoli, cabbage, sprouts and cauliflower. Weight loss can be enhanced by consuming greens such as cucumber, broccoli, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, carrots and brinjal. But make sure to eat little amount of starchy foods such as peas, potatoes etc.
Anyone desires to look younger. Cabbage will delay aging makes you look so adorable. Carrots, apricots, onions, tomatoes and cabbage will offer brighter skin with fair complexion. Skin toners made of veges help you in having golden skin with good appearance. Cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes and carrots are used in producing skin toners.

More Veggies

Benefits of vegetables are countless. More you consume green veggies the more benefits gain from them. Taste varieties of veggies daily. But make sure to consume 3-6 cups of greens daily. It is up to you to cook the veges without harming the nutrients in them.

Keen Selection

You should be keen in selecting these greens from the market. It is a must to look for food born diseases before buying. Never buy canned vegetables. Buy the whole vegetable instead of buying cut sections

Still if you do not believe magical wonders or magical benefits of veggies, eat legumes on a daily basis for month. No wonder, anyone will amaze about stunning benefits of veggies.

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