Absolutely Amazing Beetroot Benefits For Skin

Beetroot Benefits For Skin
Beetroot Benefits For Skin

Skincare comes in red

We all know and come to love beetroot since the early childhoods of our lives. The bright red accent that tantalizes the eye along with the taste of sweetness, is undoubtedly unique and epic. Beetroot has garnered a lot of traction regardless of which region in the globe it is. Especially in the scene of modern healthy food and healthy ways, beetroot has come out in a whole new light.

It was common knowledge that beetroot was healthy for its consumer. We have had known that for quite some time, and by quite some time, we mean generations upon generations. However, there is one aspect to beetroot that did not come out until recent years. That is none other than beetroot benefits for skin, and how beetroot can nurture one’s skin. Beetroot was reinvented with regards to this aspect.

In this article, we will be talking about the ways in which beetroot can enhance one’s skin. Furthermore, we will be taking a look at what enables this vegetable to actually do it.

What is in it?

Beetroot has always been identified as a food filled with nutrients. Let us delve into what sort of nutrition one can actually get.

Following list consists of the chemical particles one can get for a bowl of 100 g of beetroot

  • 180kJ of energy
  • 9.56 g of Carbohydrates
  • 0.17 g of fat
  • Vitamin A B6 C
  • Thiamine B1
  • 16 mg of calcium
  • 325 g of potassium
  • 78 mg of sodium

This list is but an extract from a long list of chemicals that can be found in them. If you want the full list, please visit the food composition table presented in the website of the Department of Agriculture of United States.

Beetroot benefits for skin

1. Against skin aging

Beetroot is filled to the brim with anti-aging properties. In other words, beetroot is filled to the brim with antioxidants.

The basic duty of antioxidants is to neutralise the free radicals. Free radicals are unstable particles that can cause damages in one’s body in a cellular level. One of the main outcomes of those damages is rapid skin aging.

Therefore, ultimately beetroot will stand between you and unnecessary wrinkles and fine lines.

2. To fight with pigmentation callouses and blemishes.

As the above list suggests, one can get ample amounts of Vitamin C by consuming beetroot. Vitamin C is like a superhero for skincare.

Firstly, Vitamin C will render a glow in one’s skin. It works with blood vessels on the skin to make it way healthier.

Furthermore, it enables faster healing on scars and blemishes in one’s skin. A good dose of vitamin C will make one’s skin tenfold better and Beetroot is one of those.

3. As a skin moisturizer

Beetroot has a quality that helps the dead skin out of the surface. It can cleanse and remove the dead particles that can be found in one’s skin thus creating a softer as well more lush skin tone for a person.

Furthermore, researchers have found that drinking a glass of freshly made beetroot juice will keep one’s skin well moistened.

4. For hair

Being a great source of vitamin C, beetroot provides advantages for hair as well.

Vitamin C can strengthen the scalp to reduce the hair fall. Therefore, regular consumption of vitamin C can be what that stands between an individual and a bold head.

Furthermore, vitamin C fights against dandruff. It nurtures the scalp and moisturizes it so dandruff will be a thing of past.


We were nothing short of amazed when we compiled this information for our readers. And we are certain that they are too, after reading how effectively beetroot benefits for the skin. Some edibles that we find from our own surroundings are too good to be true sometimes.


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