Amazing Cacao Health Benefits For Men And Women

Cacao Health Benefits
Cacao Health Benefits

Comforting nutrition

Cacao, even if you do not know it by the name, is something you would be consuming day in and day out. How you may wonder. Well, let us tell you how. It is a major component of chocolate. Basically, chocolate is made of milk and cacao. Because of the immensely famous and well-liked consumable that chocolate is. Really, since the inception, chocolate has taken over the world and, within that so has cacao. It has grown to be this huge market that there are countries of whose GDP is totally dependent on their cacao output.

While cacao is famous for how delicious their products are, it has not gone ignored as to how much of blast of nutrition cacao is. Cacao is arguably one of the most nutrition-packed consumables known to mankind. It is a literal truckload of energy and minerals. This indeed translates to a plethora of health benefits that cacao can offer to a consumer. Cacao health benefits are abundant by every definition of the word

What is in it?

As said earlier, cocoa is home to an immense account of different nutrients that can be overwhelmingly health effective. These can varied in so many different aspects.

Following are the nutrition an individual would take in if he were to consume 100 g of dark chocolate with 75% to 80% of cacao.

  • 2708 kJ of energy
  • 45.9 g of carbs
  • 42.63 g of fat
  • Vitamin A B6 E K
  • Thiamine B1
  • 73 mg Calcium
  • Magnesium 228 mg
  • Potassium 715 mg
  • Caffeine 80 mg

Above is but an extract from an extensive list of nutrients that cacao has to offer. If you want to read the full list, please visit the food composition tables presented in the website of the Department of Agriculture of the United States.

Cacao health benefits

1. Cacao is filled with antioxidants

Antioxidants are really important to an individual’s well-being. It possesses a plethora of health benefits and in fact, antioxidants have function importance.

The main objective of antioxidants are to neutralize a chemical compound called free radicals. Free radicals can disrupt the functionality of a person in different levels. On a surface level, free radicals can hinder on one’s immunity system and make him prone to bacterial and viral diseases. Furthermore, it can go as far as damaging the body in a nuclear level. This could even lead to harmful cellular modulation such as cancer.

2. Energy= Cacao

Cacao is a bombardment of nutrients. Another thing it is amazingly high on is energy. As the above list would suggest it has 2700 kJ of energy in a mere 100 g. to put that into perspective, it is more than the calorie one can find in 7 bowls rice.

This is why chocolate is used to make quick meals to soldiers, sailors, and astronauts. Because it is a quick punch of energy that can really be in need of.

3. Enhance blood flow for enhanced brain function

Researches all around the globe have found out that cacao can be exemplary for neurogenerative diseases.

Furthermore, the enhanced blood flow will clear neural pathways and further it will enhance the supply of few extremely important enzymes as well as hormones that would greatly affect the mind functions


Cacao is one of the most nutrition filled consumables in the known world. It is amazing how cacao health benefits are in abundance. It is really rare that healthy is also tasty.


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