Amazing Yogurt Benefits For Weight Loss

Yogurt Benefits For Weight Loss

The milky way of weight loss

Yogurt is another dairy product which is quite well known among all earthlings from all corners of mother earth. It is made through fermenting milk with a bacteria like most none fluid byproducts of milk. Yogurt does possess a plethora of health benefits. When we talk about yogurt benefits, weight loss and a few others are really important and of extreme value to learn.

As of modern day, obesity or excessive weight has become such a huge problem in the world. It is true that there have been a lot of advancements in healthy food industry and health techniques. However, obesity is on a steep recline regardless of demographical or geographical differences. Heart attacks and diabetes have become major causes of death throughout the world. This is a direct consequence of obesity. It is in this light that we are going to talk about yogurt benefits.

Furthermore, with modern health trends, yogurt has gained such an important position in the dietary world. Many shakes and healthy beverages are now being occupied with yogurt. We will be explaining why this new trend is here as well as how reasonable it is, in this article

What is in it?

As said earlier, yogurt has found its place in the healthy beverage caliber. In order for any food to be that, there should be so much of nutrients imbedded in it. Let us delve deep as to what those are.

Following is the nutrients on can find in 100 grams worth of yogurt.

  • 406 kJ worth energy
  • 3.98 g of carbs
  • 5 g of fat
  • 9 g of protein
  • 100 mg of vitamin C

Above are but a small extract from a long list of nutrients that one can find. If you want the full list, please visit the food composition table of the Department of Agriculture of United States.

Yogurt benefits: weight loss

1. Calcium in yogurt

Yogurt is mainly made of milk. It is famous as a rich source of calcium. While calcium may not seem like a cause of weight loss, there is way more to it than meets the eye.

Firstly, studies have shown that calcium deficiency will hinder and affect one’s ability to lose weight. Body metabolism seems to be directly correlating with calcium levels. Therefore by maintaining an appropriate levels of calcium, one is giving themselves a better chance at losing more weight.

Secondly, exercises are an integral part of losing weight. One has to burn calories to lose the fat in one’s body. However, most people have their joints hurt while doing extensive workouts and render unable to work out for long periods of times.

This reduces losing weight to a dream to most people. But lucky we are, calcium can strengthen the joints and bones to withstand hours of torturous working out one has to put their bodies to get that perfect summer body.

2. Yogurt and digestive system

Yogurt is literally a mix of milk and digestive bacteria. These digestive bacteria can help enhance the efficiency of one’s digestive system.

Digestive system is a really important attribute when it comes to losing weight. The body has to take in all the necessary nutrients while rejecting ones that are not so much. In other words, handling the metabolism starts from the digestive system.

This is the same reason why gastritis patient can enjoy instantaneous relief from their pains by having some yogurt.

3. Fills you up

Yogurt by nature is such a filling consumable. In other words, a small amount can make you feel full and take away the appetite to eat more.

Furthermore, as the above chart stands proof, yogurt contain a significant amount of protein. Therefore one can add a lot of protein without adding much carbs.

This can help heaps in weight loss as most people lose their will power when they feel hungry and derail from their weight loss programs.


Above are the ways in which yogurt benefits weight loss. It has many more health benefits in addition to helping weight loss too. It is time we understood that when it comes to losing weight, working smart outweighs working hard. (No pun intended) And yogurt is definitely a step towards doing just that.


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