Amla Juice Benefits That You Have Never Known

Amla Juice Benefits

Through taste to health

This article will be aimed at a fruit, very well known for its weird scheme of taste. In other words, Amla is a fruity phenomenon that has Unique procedure of tastes. It tastes so sour in the beginning that it clenches your mouth because of its overwhelming nature.

 However, the after taste turns to be quite heavenly. It offers an individual a taste of sweet and sizzling nature. Amla is known and familiar to most people by the name of Indian Gooseberry.

Pertaining to that name, Amla is located for the most part around the region of Indian Ocean. Especially in India as well as Sri Lanka, this tree is such a common entity.

However, the beverage is quite the invention of the Europeans, because Asians prefer to just eat it. The amazing Amla juice benefits is the reason that Europeans took a special interest in this fruit.

strong>What is in it?

As stated earlier, it was an instant success among the European colonialists. There were two reasons for this. Firstly, Amla juice tastes heavenly! Secondly, and most importantly, the health benefits to be reaped from Amla nutrients were simply outstanding.

Amla is literally a truckload of healthy nutrients that are optimal for humans.

Let us delve deep and explore those nutrients. Firstly, Amla is heralded for High degree of anti-oxidants embedded into it. Consequently, it is being used quite frequently in Asian indigenous medicine.

In addition to that, it is found out that, Amla has little to no calories.

Furthermore, researches have exposed that, it is highly likely that Amla has anti-cancerous elements in it. In addition to that, Amla is quite rich in Vitamins such as Vitamin C as well as K.

What does it do?

1. To remedy cough as well as cold

With its Record shattering levels of Vitamin C and other various anti-oxidants, eastern doctors have always preferred Amla. It has always been utilized to treat sicknesses that occur due to phlegm such as cough as well as cold.

Usually, the remedy for one of either of those highly common sicknesses is quite simple. Two Table spoons of Amla juice mingled to an equal amount of honey would do the trick.

2. Reduces bodily cholesterol levels.

It has been shown in studies that, a Daily consumption of Amla juice can be beneficial to one’s cholesterol levels. This is because of the high degree of anti-oxidants that is there in Amla

The study has been concentrated on the lipid levels. Furthermore, Amla juice had positively affected the lipid levels in that test.

3. A mine of Anti-oxidants

It is a common theme to talk about anti-oxidants when it comes to fruits. However, what we have here is one of the most anti-oxidant ridden fruits in the world. Therefore, it presents all that anti-oxidants have to offer.

  • It helps fight oxidative stress. A condition in which the human body is harmed in the smallest cellular levels.
  • Oxidative stress plays a major role in cancer, therefore, Amla juice has the power to protect its consumer from cancer.
  • Oxidative exposes the body to a plethora of disadvantages. These can be avoided by consuming Amla, which is gleaming with Anti-oxidants


Finally, it is as clear as the night sky how Amla juice benefits could enrich one’s life. Astonishing levels of anti-oxidants in Amla makes it formidable ally against sicknesses.


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