Are You Pregnant? Top Signs That You Are Pregnant!

Am I pregnant

Regardless of it being expected or unexpected, pre-planned or not, pregnancy changes one’s life for good. It is indeed a turning point in one individual’s life. However medical professionals all around the world have spoken about the lack of knowledge about the pregnancy as well as everything else related to it. This article will be the first of a series of articles that will be the first of a series of articles that will be talking about the grandest of the phenomenon of anybody’s life, which is pregnancy. Let us begin from the first most thing you as a woman or somebody who has women in their life.

If you are a woman, with active sex life, it is almost a certainty that at some point of your lifetime, you have asked yourself the question “am I pregnant?” because nobody seems to possess a great deal of information about it. To make it worse, everybody is either equipped with no or very misleading and false facts about it. This article, therefore, will be focused on the signs that one shall receive from your body. In fact, your body indicates when you should be thinking of names and schools.

Am I pregnant?

There are a plethora of signs that clarify if you are pregnant or not. These will be discussed down on this article that we have compiled for you.

1. Proper checking

Before going into body signs and indications, let us talk about the most proper way of knowing whether one is pregnant or not. It is to check it properly

By checking it properly, we mean two things. First is to consult a medical professional, honestly, this is the most reliable method that is in this article or anywhere you can find. Visit your family doctor and have him tested so you will know for sure if you are to witness the miracle of birth first hand or not.

Secondly, you can do a DIY check strip from the nearest medical store. They are accurate in most instances and do not cost much either. Just follow the instruction given in the box and you will be good to go. Just do few to be extra sure.

2. DIY urine test

This is an easy method to distinguish whether you are pregnant or not. All one has to do is collect urine into a cup, mix it with salt and keep still for a few minutes. If the foam is collected to the surface, chances are that you are pregnant.

How this works is, when a woman is pregnant, it is possible to find a spike of HCG levels in their blood. These high Hcg will react with salt and make up a layer of foam. However, we suggest that this being done a few times, just to be extra sure. Furthermore, this is not a hundred percent accurate. There could be various other reasons for urine to have the same reaction with salt.

3. Look out for these signs

Even before doing the above test. Knowing these common features will help you to take extra steps.

Pregnancy is a complex event. It changes a lot of chemical balances in one’s body. As a result of this, there are certain symptoms that one can find when they are pregnant

  • If you feel nauseating all the time. This could be due to imbalances that occur
  • If you miss your periods. There is a good chance that you have been conceived. In any case, it is good to go check it up.
  • The hormonal changes can really affect one’s emotions. If you find yourself overly emotional and irritated all the time, pregnancy could be the reason.
  • You will find yourself craving for savory food. If it is more excessive than normal, then it can be suggested that you check it up
  • Constant vomiting
  • These hormonal changes can cause fatigue


Above are the answers to satisfy your question “am I pregnant.” Regardless of expected or unexpected, wanted or unwanted, we wish all things good for coming days


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