Avocado Nutrition facts that Amazes You! 2020

Avocado Nutrition facts
Avocado is a fruit that grants you almost unbelievable health benefits with its amazing nutrition. We all owe it ourselves to have this in our food intake

More often than not in this life, healthy and delicious do not overlap. However, Avocado is one the fruits that blurs those lines. It is so full of chemical properties that the human body asks for. Not stopping there, it amounts to a really tasty consumable as well.

The avocado nutrition and the specific nutrients that it contains must be common knowledge. Because it is literally packed with healthy stuff

What’s in it?

Avocado Nutrition facts
Avocado Nutrition facts

For a serving of 100 grams of avocado, you can get;

  • 670 kJ of energy
  • 8.53 g of carbohydrates
  • 14.66 g of fat
  • 2 g of proteins
  • Vitamin A, B(6), B(9), C, K and E
  • Folate
  • Thiamine
  • 12 mg of calcium
  • 29 mg of magnesium
  • 485 mg of potassium
  • Last but not least, 73.23 g of Water

This is but a small extract from a long list of nutrients that you can find in Avocado. If you want the full list visit food composition database of United States department of Agriculture

What does avocado do to you?

Avocado Nutrition facts
Avocado Nutrition

 It goes without mentioning that all these nutrition is extremely healthy for its consumers. It is a fruit that can do wonders with all the healthy chemical that it is filled to the brim with.

Heart and avocado

Avocado Nutrition facts
Avocado Nutrition

Avocado nutrition to the consumer’s heart is beyond comprehension. Avocado possess a significant account of Monounsaturated Fatty Acids.

Unlike saturated fat, these monounsaturated fat particles are healthy and necessary for the heart. These are the same kinds of fats that can be found inside olive oil, making olive oil really healthy.

There is a lot of Oleic acid that can be found in these monounsaturated fat components. This is a particular type of acid that is extremely beneficial against cancer.

Avocado and Potassium

Avocado Nutrition
Avocado Nutrition facts

When it comes to Potassium, the first thing that comes to mind is bananas.  They are very well known for their high amounts of Potassium. However, latest studies have arrived at this tremendous revelation that Avocado beats bananas to it, and also quite comprehensively.

Potassium is highly health beneficial for humans. Potassium helps affect to regularize blood pressure. In addition to that, potassium reduces the risk of heart attacks and kidney failures as well.

Not stopping there, Potassium helps to maintain the count of electrical gradients within one’s body. These so called Electrical gradients play a vital role in enforcing the cellular stability throughout the body.

Avocado and fiber

Avocado Nutrition
Avocado Nutrition

Avocado is filled with fibrous content as well. Fibers can amount to a plethora of health benefits that are quite amazing.

In a serving of 100 g of avocado, one can find 7 g of fibrous content. Out of those 7 g, more than 20% is soluble fiber. These soluble fibers are the best human body

These fiber do wonders especially when it comes to food and digesting. It helps augment the functionality of the digestive system. Furthermore those soluble fibers can be consumed by the healthy bacteria that lives in the intestine. These bacteria is really important when it comes to maintaining the optimum levels of functionality in the digestive system.

Avocado nutrition for eyes.

Avocado nutrition for eyes
Avocado nutrition for eyes

Avocado has been found to be really good for your eyes. This is due to the fact that avocado is filled with a lot of helpful antioxidants. Not only that, avocado can help you absorb antioxidants in other food as well.

Antioxidants such as carotenoids, zeaxanthin along with lutein can be found in avocado. These are extremely beneficial in fighting with cataracts and macular diseases.


Avocado brings a lot to the table as far as fruits are concerned. These are only the major advantages of avocado nutrition. There are a number of other advantages to avocado nutrition as well. It is always surprising how things we can grow ourselves can be filled with components that can change our lives for better.


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