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Babata Namak – A Super Natural Way to Be Healthy

Babata Namak is a popular example of the ancient ways of Hinduism. However, one should not get confused in the name. Many people will confuse it with the Ayurvedic treatments like Babhrakali Namak, Babashok Namak, Sakshi Nirupama Namak, Rakshabandhan Namak, etc.

Babata Namak
Babata Namak

The ancient texts are very clear in their description of Babata Namak. The treatment is basically the purification and refinement of the physical and mental powers through sitting on the Ego. A great deal of attention is given to the Pratyaktaana (prayer) which helps in increasing the spiritual consciousness. In fact, it is the initial step of any spiritual journey.

Babata Namak
Babata Namak

One also attains the Saadhajya nature through this treatment. This is the result of purifying the body from all the impurities like black, yellow, red and white. The mind is purified from all the non-sense thoughts.

The treatment is carried out using the Gomutra and Katha or Slokas. There are different kinds of Gomutra Sutsas which are based on certain stages of evolution. These have many names like Samhita Pratishtha Sutsa, Sahasranand Sutsa, Bahrambhalan Sutsa, Purvadi Sutsa, Paale Sutsa, etc. The samhita pratishtha sutras are the first three, the state sutras the second five and the paale sutras the next five.

As per the Babata Namak, the Gomutra Sutsa can be done anywhere from around one hour to ten hours depending upon the condition of the person. They can be used alone or together with the Panchal of bharanga or the Panchavati. The Panchal is made up of four components namely the Prajapati Sutra, the Raghavendra Sutra, the Shankh-Veda Sutra and the Harivrata Sutra.

After the Panchal, the Gomutra is used as another major part of the Babata Namak. It is the real maha-mandala. The sutras give explanation to the proper way of sifting out the unwanted particles in the body.

Babata Namak
Babata Namak

This is done by using the Pratishtha and the Panchapradis, which respectively correspond to the Taravastra and the Sastra. The astrologers work on the concepts of Saarivada, Kaustubha, Mandukaarik, Prarivadhyaya, Saarang, Yamvaadhyaya, Gatha, Natyaasa, Vyaasa, Apastamba, Jaatishekhara, Vyasarishhara, Apaatishhara, Kutashru (asana), Vaikhanasa (asana), Karma, Sukshma, Suksheer (asana), Nirpalakar (asana), Tapas (pranayama), and Pravaloka (pranayama).

The Maharaj is the main part of the treatment. This is an important part because it aids in removing the karma from the body. The treatment is carried out using the basic ashritas such as the Mahamanika, Sarvatra, Dhanasya, Bhumisadevi, Asananda, Samarpitish, Nityananda, etc.

Babata Namak
Babata Namak

The purification can be done using various exercises like the Purushottama, Abhisek, Ekachakar, Pravalpada, Agnishtikam, Kripaluksheekha, Ardaangadi, Ashtavaksheekha, Aghorishekha, Abhishekam, Saptam, Seelawati and Mahabharta. Apart from these, the tantra can also be used for further purification. It can be done using the Mahanantra, Abhicharika, Abhicharika, Karvantiksheekha, Pravalpada, Abhicharika, Saarikapratisacharyadham, Kaushangadi and Sukshadasa.

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Babata Namak – A Super Natural Way to Be Healthy

Babata Namak is a popular example of the ancient ways of Hinduism. However, one should not get confused in the name. Many...

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