Backup Android Data – 4 Steps with Pictures

backup android
backup android

We all have precious data on our android devices. Contact details, bank details, photos of life moments, memories, and many things, but what will happen if you lose our phone or if the phone gets damaged badly? That is why we need to back up our data to avoid any data loss. There are many ways to backup android data nut in this article; we are talking about the easiest and standards methods. You can even use specialized software to backup your data.

With time Android devices get slow and start to lag because of the load and software caches. So it is essential to do a system reset after some time. After a factory reset process, even old phones get improved performances. Before a reset, also You need to back your phone up. So, Let’s find how to backup your android phone.

Backing-up Your Contact data Passwords, Bank details, and other essential data using Google account.

Google is providing an inbuilt android backup method that you can use without any additional software.

In the Android settings menu, you can find google backup options and sync options (Explained below). Turn the backup on in settings, choose a Gmail account to upload and turn on your mobile data or WiFi. Then Google will automatically upload your data into your google account.

This option allows you to sync all of your android devices. So whenever you log in to a new android device, you can import all the backup data to your new android phone. This process will import,

  1. Your contacts
  2. Search history in Google and YouTube
  3. Settings
  4. Social media Accounts (WhatsApp, Viber, IMO)
  5. Etc.

1. Open the Settings app in your android device

If you have Google Assistant installed, say “Okay Google,” then wait for the assistance, respond, and ask the Assistant to “Open Settings app.”

If you don’t have Assistant drag down the header area as shown in the pictures. Then click on the Settings icon in order to open the Settings app. (Some devices have a settings icon placed on the home menu.)

2. In the Settings app click on Android Backup and reset option

You can use this backup and reset the option to upload data in the android phone to Google, and then you can factory reset your phone.

There are two ways to format your phone. By using this option or using startup reset.

Click on Backup and reset

 Make sure to backup your data before resting. 

(This process will not backup your media files in the android device. But, you can manually copy all the media files to a computer)

3. In the backup and reset menu of your android device, tick the Backup my data option.

Click on Backup My data

As you can see, Choosing this option will upload your app data, WiFi passwords, and all other settings. After ticking Back up my data, the following dialog will appear. 

This dialog will display

Within the available options, choose the Gmail account you want to upload your data. Tick the Automatic restore option, so after installing WhatsApp or Viber in your new device or formatted device, you can automatically get data restored.

4. Make sure your Internet connection is on; (Since, the data needed to be upload)

Turn on your mobile data or WiFi connection. 

A second after, you will receive a message telling you that your data was backed up successfully. Okay, now we are done. So, after resetting your device, you can use this online backup to import all your valuable data to your android device.

Also, if you are willing to format your device, don’t forget to copy all the media files to a chip or a computer. Otherwise, you will lose the media files since this process will not backup any media files.

Other-than using paid third party software, you can simply backup your android device by following this method. 

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