Banana Peppers Nutrition Facts For Your Life

Banana peppers nutrition facts

The special kind

Chili or pepper familia must be among the most diverse as well as varied food categories in the entire globe, with thousands of types of chilly that vary in various aspects such as the size color texture as well as the heat of them. One can be sure to find one of those in every region of the world one can travel to. Chilly is basically a part of every food culture of the world. Regardless which kind of chilly it is.

This article is woven around one such member of the pepper family. The subject here is Banana Pepper. This belongs to more of mild category in the chilly family. But even though it is official in the mild category, we can advise by experience that if you are from a culture where you are not familiar with the chilies, you are better alone eating riper pepper as younger the chili is, the hotter it is.

They are called banana peppers due to the color and the shape of the chili. However, only the younger ones take the color of bananas while they transcend through to yellow and red as they get older. While they are not as large in extent as most of the more common types of chilies, they have a strong and distinctive taste to them.

Banana peppers nutrition facts

While pepper may not look like much, they can pack a serious punch in many aspects. In this case, banana peppers contain quite the handy set of health benefits.

To be beneficial for health, it has to have certain healthy chemical compounds in it. This portion of the article will be focused on the thing that one can find inside banana pepper.

Following is the nutrition that is in 100 g of banana pepper

  • 113 kJ of energy
  • 5.3 g of carbs
  • 5 g of fat
  • Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, as well as C
  • 14 mg of calcium
  • 256 mg of potassium
  • 91.8 g of water

What can it do?

1. Low in calories

It is such a low-calorie food that Banana pepper is. This can serve in losing one’s weight. As we all know, it is not easy to consume dietary food for a long time without getting tired of it. by adding something spicy and strong in taste such this can amount to a refreshing change once in a while.

2. Can be a great compliment with certain types of fruits

Most people have not tried this, but half blending peppers with certain fruits such as mangoes, star-fruits can be amount to a spicy snack that is both delicious as well as low in calorie. Our preference would be to find less ripe fruits with young banana peppers so the heat and sour tastes will complement each other to make a mouthwatering snack.

3. Full of vitamins

These Banana Peppers is literally a store of vitamins. It contains 8 of the 12 vitamin types that have been in food. Therefore consuming an adequate amount of Banana Pepper can be extremely health beneficial for one’s health. These benefits can literally vary from skincare to better and healthier eyesight!

4. Mine of dietary fibers

There is a plethora of dietary fibers in Banana Peppers. These can enhance the efficiency of the digestive system. It can be advantageous to the entire system of a person because the digestive system is what that provides the necessary power for the entire body to function.


It is not even needed to mention how amazing Banana nutrition facts are. It is amazing how something so seemingly small can contain such a heavy package.


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