Bell Pepper Nutrition Facts You Need To Know-2019

Bell Pepper Nutrition Facts
Bell Pepper Nutrition Facts You Need To Know-2019

There is a certain food that is universally loved by everybody. They are loved by all cultures and all societies regardless of which side of the factor they find themselves in. Bell Pepper is one of that vegetation which is loved by everybody in the above-stated passion.

It is being put to use in different manners in different regions. In some, the main dish. And in some other, a compliment or a part of a salad. However, one thing for sure is that bell pepper is loved by all.

There are quite a few reasons for it. Firstly, it can add a unique flavor to any food that it is mixed with. The spicy nature of it makes Bell Paper quite an effective ingredient.

Secondly, pertaining to professional opinion all around the world, Bell Paper nutrition is amazing and wonderful. And the various colors of the vegetable make it to quite eye-pleasing, aesthetic and colorful as well.

What is in it?

In this article, we will be focusing on the nutrition facts of Bell Pepper. Down here is few of the major ingredients one can find if he were to consume 100 g of Bell pepper.

  • 84 kJ of energy
  • 4.46 g of carbohydrates
  • 0.17 g of fat
  • 0.86 g of protein
  • Vitamin A B6 C E and K
  • Thiamine B1
  • Niacin B3
  • Calcium 10 mg
  • Potassium 175 mg
  • Last but not least, 93.9 g of water

If you want the full list, please visit the Food Composition Database of the Department of Agriculture of the United States

What does it do?

All those numbers would be nonsensical for the average reader like ourselves if they do not translate into real-life Bell pepper nutrition benefits. Therefore, let us delve into the actual benefits of Bell pepper nutrition.

  1. for eyes

With aging comes a multitude of different eye issues. To name some, macular degeneration, as well as cataract disintegration and, are quite common the days.

The nutrition or lack thereof plays a huge role in these kinds of disorders. In other words, though these usually come with age, good nutrition can help one prevent them.

Carotenoids that can be found in abundance inside bell peppers can be really beneficial. When they are used up in satisfactory quantities, they are able to put a pause on those so called degenerative eye disorders.

  • Bell pepper nutrition for Anemia.

In layman’s terms, Anemia is an ailment which hinders the capability of one’s plasma to transport oxygen. The biggest reason of all for this condition can be said as the lack of iron in one’ blood.

Bell Peppers are more than competent a supplier of iron. Furthermore, the commendable sums of vitamin C that is to be located in Bell Pepper can play a huge role as well. Vitamin C enhances one’s captivation of Iron.


Studies have shown that many people are hypersensitive to Bell Pepper. While this is an extremely rare case. It is something to be concerned of if one is consuming Bell Pepper for the first time.

However, it has been disclosed that more often than not, this allergy is triggered if one eats excessive amounts of bell pepper. Therefore, if an individual is not allergic from the get-go, chances are that moderate amounts will do you more good than bad.


Bell Pepper nutrition is knowledge about which societies should have known yesterday. It is amazing how the simplest things from nature can have so much value to us!


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