Coconut Milk Benefits For Men And Women-2019

Coconut Milk Benefits
Coconut Milk Benefits For Men And Women-2019

From treetops to your health

There are consumables that are consumed by the whole planet. However, it is almost with a hundred percent certainty with which we are able to say nothing beats coconut. This tree has garnered a massive adoration and following across continents, countries, cultures, and traditions.

 There is not a single part of this tree that is not being utilized over some purpose or the other. From using leaves for roofs to eating the raw coconut fruit, this tree has become part and parcel in an intimate level in most cultures. Literally, coconut as a tree can be written about in a book itself.

This article is about something else. Here we are focusing on a small portion of this amazing tree that is directly related to health. The article that you are going to read is written on the topic of coconut milk nutrition. It is, perhaps, concerned with the health of most of the population. It is owing to the fact that coconut milk is being consumed and utilized on a daily basis by most of the South Asian countries.

What is in it?

Coconut Milk Benefits
Coconut Milk Benefits

The reason that it is used quite frequently is because of all the nutrients that coconut is packed with. Let us see what nutrients 100g of coconut fruit can offer.

  • 354 kcal of energy
  • 15.23 g of carbohydrates
  • 33.49 g of fat
  • 3.33 g of protein
  • Thiamin B1
  • Vitamin B6 C E K
  • Niacin B3
  • 356 mg of potassium
  • 1500 of manganese
  • 47 g of water

If you want to check out the full list, please visit the food composition database of the department of agriculture of United States

What does it do?

Let us explore as to what these numbers will be translated into real-life health benefits. Following are the coconut milk nutrition facts.

  1. Body mass and coconut milk

It has been discovered that MCT fats found inside coconut milk can account to loss of weight. Especially the Lauric acid that is in coconut milk contains a lot of MCT acid.

They help weight loss in two different ways. Firstly, it can enhance the metabolism of the body. This leads to better digestion of food intake.

 In addition to that, it helps to reduce the appetite of food of an individual so he would take in less food. This is also a huge help as far as losing weight is concerned.

2. For heart

It was for the surprise of everybody that the high level of saturated fat found in coconut milk is of benefits for people. Special y people with high cholesterol levels.

It is the finding of the scientists that it can cause significant reductions in LDL cholesterol, which is considered to be unhealthy. At the same time, it raises the percentage of HDL cholesterol which is essential for a healthy life.

3. Against viruses as well as bacteria

Studies have shown that the lauric acid which takes more than 50% of the mass in coconut water is useful. Especially in the battle against viruses and bacteria

This, in turn, grant one a life that is not ridden with various infections. For this coconut milk should be one’s list of regular consumables.


Coconut Milk Benefits For Men And Women
Coconut Milk Benefits For Men And Women

Coconut is truly a God sent. Coconut milk nutrition showed above along will stand proof for that. It is amazing how one plant can offer so much to the world without the masses not being aware of it.


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