Cucumber NutritionThat Will Leave You Amazed

Cucumber Nutrition
Cucumber NutritionThat Will Leave You Amazed

Nature’s gifts in a different package

Cucumber is indeed a special consumable. For somebody who has never tasted cucumber, there is only one way us to make you grow a feel for it. It tastes like watermelon, but without the color and the taste.

But not be mistaken, it is just as enjoyable and refreshing for one’s body. It can be remarkably on a sunny hot day in summer. Its watery freshness has garnered it a lot of attention all around the earth. Without even being fully aware of the magnificent cucumber nutrition.

Not only that, cucumber has found itself needed in diverse fields. For example, it has found itself in most of the salads that will be offered in different parts of the world. at the same time, it is one of the most commonly used ingredients in skin care products as well as facial masks.

what is in it?

Cucumber NutritionThat Will Leave You Amazed
Cucumber NutritionThat Will Leave You Amazed

It does not take rocket scientist level IQ to understand that, that cucumber must be offering a lot of nutrition. That is the reason thanks to which cucumber is famous all around.

Let us see what makes cucumber so nutritious. The below list will let you know what you can get in 100 g worth cucumber.

  • 65 kJ energy
  • 3.36 g of carbohydrates
  • Vitamin B6 C K
  • Niacin B3
  • 147 mg of potassium
  • 16 mg of calcium
  • 95.23 g of water

This is but a few from a long list of nutrients one is able to obtain via cucumber. Please visit the food composition table of the department of agriculture of United States.

Cucumber nutrition facts

  1. Eat cucumber and stay hydrated

As the above chart clearly displays, more than 95% of a cucumber is water. Therefore, it is no wonder that it would have a direct influence on body hydration.

It is said that a little slice of this nature’s goodness can be as hydrating as well as thirst-quenching as a full tall glass of water.

  • To fight with cancer

Cucumber is a formidable ally against the fight of cancer, in both prevention and curing. There are two main phytonutrients that can be sought in cucumber. One of them is Lignans while the other is Cucurbitacins.

 There was a research review that was published in the revered Scientific World Journal in 2010. This stated that the above-mentioned Cucurbitacins could be really important when it comes to blocking neural pathways. These neural paths are carrying information and instructions on cancerous cell production as well as survival.

This above said chemical component is known to be against pancreas cancer in particular. Furthermore, Lignans could be of great protection against cancer.

  • skincare and skin treatments

This must be one of the most obvious ones in this list. As said before, cucumber is utilized quite often in the industry of skincare. It not at all uncommon scene to see somebody having a cucumber on their face,

It is believed that the cool nature of cucumber can be a good remedy for long-standing sleep deprivation. It can diminish the sleeping bags under one’s eyes.

Vitamin C found in cucumber too offers benefits for the skin on its own. Suffice to say, cucumber is able to be a great caretaker, as far as the skin is concerned.

Cucumber Nutrition
Cucumber Nutrition


All that is being said here stands for one thing. That is, how great a food cucumber is. This is the knowledge that we should pass on to our younger generations.


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