3 mind-blowing Dragon fruit benefits (2019)

Dragon fruit
3 mind-blowing Dragon fruit benefits (2019)

New age goodness

Most of the fruits have been loved by its consumers for ages. People of ’60s loved strawberries as much as we do now, perhaps even a little bit more. Not a day has gone by in the last hundred years without somebody somewhere enjoying a banana in the entire globe. It is not yesterday that an apple a day started to keep the medical professionals away. However, dragon fruit is an exception in this scene, for many reasons like health benefits.

It was not famous in the world up until recent times. Furthermore, it was limited to its original country, which is Thailand. Moreover, it is being called “Pitaya” in the native Thailand language. However, the name dragon fruit must have been derived due to spiky red colored texture of the outer layer of the fruit itself.

However, after gaining a reputation, dragon fruit spread all across the world like wildfire. The sweet taste and dragon fruit benefits for health have become the reason for that. It is being utilized in much-consuming products worldwide. Especially beverage off this fruit is quite famous all around.

What is in it?

As mentioned earlier, its newfound fame is largely due to how nurturing a fruit dragon fruit is.  It houses a grand amount of chemicals and chemical compounds which are of high medicinal value.

Let us delve into the numbers of these nutritional content. Following is a list of nutrition one shall receive if he were to have 100g worth dragon fruit

  • 268 kJ of energy
  • 2.14 g of sugar
  • 3.35 g of protein
  •  Mg of vitamin C
  • 1.8 g of dietary fiber
  • 107 mg of calcium
  • 39 mg of sodium

This is but a short list of a lengthy categorization of content in dragon fruit. If you want to read the full list, please visit the food composition table of the Department of Agriculture of United States.

What does it do?

All those numbers mean nothing to the average reader if it does not translate into something worthwhile in real life. Let us dive deep into dragon fruit benefits for health

1. As an uplift of energy

Dragon fruit, per evident by the above list, contains a vast amount of energy. This is perhaps the reason why it has become a regular for athletes worldwide. It can give one a sudden boost of energy

2. Anti-oxidants in dragon fruit

This is one of the most anti-oxidants brimming fruits in the world. These anti-oxidants serve a multitude of purposes.

  • They fight free radicals
  • These free radicals can cause oxidative stress which is one of the biggest reasons for cancers to occur.
  • Plus they cause can cause cellular degeneration starting from the smallest possible scale.
  • In addition, oxidative stress can harm the immune system as well
  • Therefore, by neutralizing free radicals, anti-oxidants directly protect humans against cancer and other serious illnesses.

3. Dietary fibers in dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is home for a significant amount of fibrous content. These fibers can be healthy for humans in multiple ways.

  • They can trigger weight loss by augmenting the efficiency in the digestive system.
  • dietary fibers neutralize harmful microorganisms in the bowels
  • They cause better absorption of the nutrients in the food that one consumes.
  • To the knowledge of few, fiber is healthy for people with heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.


Dragon fruit benefits are wonderful and it is indeed one of the healthiest fruits around. That is why it suddenly became extremely famous, breaking the geographical boundaries. It is important that we all know about things that would give us both pleasure and goodness


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