Drop Shipping – How to earn millions of dollars

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a form of eCommerce. In drop shipping the seller works as a third party seller stays in between the consumer and the original seller or the manufacturer of the product. Usually, the drop shipping seller never sees the items in a physical form. What they do is making an order on behalf of the consumer. So, the original seller can directly ship the product to the consumer.

So, the drop shipping seller is always a middle person. But, for his service, he earn some money. For the past decade Drop shipping has been a life changing business for some people. Since, it doesn’t require any special skill or time nowadays it is considered as one of the most popular passive income methods. Even a student or a person with a full time job can become a drop shipping seller to earn some extra money.

How to do Drop shipping

There are many platforms available to do drop shipping. Both to buy and sell.

Selling on eBay

The most popular drop shipping selling platform is eBay. If you are willing to do an eCommerce business eBay is a perfect place to start.  eBay fees are not that high. So, it is comparatively cheap option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Also, we all know that eBay already has a huge customer base. So, you don’t need to worry about optimizing your products in search engines or spending lot of money on marketing. Even at this moment there are plenty of people surfing in the eBay to buy items.

How to sell on eBay

To sell on ebay you need an eBay seller account. Also, to receive payments you need a paypal account.

drop shipping

First you have to choose what you are going to sell. (In the next article you can read about how to find good products and where to find them.) Choose wisely not all products get sells. You can use keyword research tools and trend research tools to find what are the top selling products at the moment. Make a list and choose few of them. Use your common sense to identify the best options. Let’s take an example. If this is Christmas season things like Christmas trees, gift items, Christmas cards sells well. But you can’t sell them on January because they have no use at that time.

As a new seller the eBay allows you to sell 10 products at a time. After selling a few items eBay will extend this limit. (or you can call them and ask to do so)

Making your own Drop shipping business place

If you want to grow yourself as a business person, the best option is to develop your own website to sell drop shipping items. This is somehow little expensive. Also, it requires a set of skills to maintain a website. But, what is exciting about this is method is you already owns a business. You can even register your business with whatever name you want. You will never lose your website or the good name you develop as a seller. But if you use a third party selling platform like eBay, they can ban you at any time for any reason. 

You don’t need a special web development knowledge to design a eCommerce website. There are plenty of drag and drop web development platforms available to make ecommerce websites. Shopify, WordPress woo-commerce, abanate cart are the most popular options.

drop shipping


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