Error 404 Page Not Found – Web Error How To Fix

error 404
error 404

It is very important to know about Internet error massages. Some massages warn us about a risk of malware, or a unsecured connections. (they can steal your valuable data such as bank details, passwords and etc.)  In this article we are talking about the errors, reason of the error and how to fix it.  Specially if you are a site owner or regular Internet user read this article carefully.  In this article series we are talking about all the Internet errors and the way to fix them for both users and site owners. In this article we are talking about what cause error 404 and how to fix error 404.

Error 404
Error 404

404 Page Not Found error

Reason – A technical error occurred while connecting to the requested page.

This massage is displayed in following cases,

  1. You have entered a wrong web address
  2. A technical error occurred
  3. The server is down (you can check it here)
  4. Your Internet service provider blocked the site
  5. requested page deleted by site owner
  6. The domain service is expired

How to fix Error 404

If you are a User – Try the following steps to correct error 404

  • Simply refresh the page using Ctrl+R or refresh button. In most cases this will fix the error.
  • If the error continue try again after few minuets
  • Recheck the URL. sometimes yo may have missed a letter.
  • Try using a VPN
  • Try clearing cookies of the browser

If you are a site owner – Try the following steps to correct error 404

  • First log in to your hosting account and check for the expire date for the current package
  • Do the same with the domain
  • If non of these has expired follow the following process
  • Log into your host account and check for any technical errors
  • Open the error page in the site builder
  • try clearing cache
  • Check SSL status
  • Contact your site hosting and domain provider costumer care service

If your site is a have items you really don’t own that could possibly ban your pages from the Internet and search engines. So be careful when you use something you copied from some where else.

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