Budget gaming PC build in 2020?

gaming pc
gaming pc

A gaming build personal computer is a computer with high preforming hardware components. Normal desktop or laptop computers are made for general purposes like to do work with the office package and to watch a movie kind of things. But, when it comes to gaming and professional things like video editing or 3D designing you need to have some thing better than a usual desktop.

Usually gaming PC components are very expensive than normal hardware components. But in 2020 still you have a chance to build a gaming PC for a low price. Let’s see how..

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Our plan

Processor – AMD Ryzen 3400g 3rd generation processor with Vega 11 graphics – 150$

RAM – 16GB DDR 4 3200Hz Ram from any brand – 100$

VGA – No external card – Vega 11 APU graphics – 0$

Storage devices – 256 GB M.2 and 1TB HDD – 100$+50$

Motherboard – Gigabyte B450 -90$

Power Supply – 600W gaming -60$

Cooling – AMD cooler which comes with the processor

Total cost – 460$ without monitor keyboard and mouse

Processor for the gaming build

Processor is the brain of your computer. So, it is indeed the most important part. Intel and AMD are the most famous processor manufacturers. Usually, intel processors are little expensive than AMD.

So, For this build we are choosing AMD Ryzen 3400g processor. This processor has 4 cores and 8 threads. The base frequency is 3.60GHz which is boostable upto 4.20Ghz.

What is so exciting about this processor is that it comes with a APU. APU is a new concept invented by AMD. APU or the Accelerated processor unit is a processor which has both graphic processor and the normal processing power. So, when you install this processor it will also provide a very good performance equal to a graphic card.

Ryzen 3400g has Vega 11 graphics. It can provide a dedicated 2GB video memory by reserving 2GB of RAM memory permanently (not like shared memory). According to many reviews Vega 11 graphics has GTX 1030 eloquent performance. You can play many new games with high settings in full HD. It will probably give a FPS rate around 50-60 at high settings.

So, for this build you don’t need to buy a graphic card which is the most expensive thing in a build.

You can check the benchmark from here

Gaming pc build


Gaming computers need a high preforming cooling setup. If your cooler is not capable of removing the heat from the processor, the system will shut down to avoid hardware damages. But, for this gaming build we are not buying a after market cooler. You may ask why? Because the cooler which comes with the processor is a very good one.

The maximum wottage of ryzen 3400g is 65W. But, AMD provides a heat sink and a cooling fan with a cooling wottage of 90W. Which is 25W higher than the maximum wottage of the processor. So, why should you buy a new one if you are on low budget?

gaming pc build


As we don’t have a graphic card we need to have a high capacity ram. The 3400g support dual channel rams. So, you can buy two DDR4 8GB rams with a clock speed of 3200Hz. 8GB ram is enough for many games. But we recommend you to use atleast 16GB memory to avoid any inconveniences.


You can use any motherboard with AM4 socket. But some motherboards don’t support the 3rd Gen ryzen processors. So, we recommend you to buy Gigabyte B450 Gaming motherboard which is cheap and good. If you are in a very low budget go for a A320 motherboard.

computer motherboard near graphics card

Storage devices for the gaming build

Most people think storage has nothing to do with gaming. That is a wrong opinion. A fast storage device can provide a very good experience for gaming. M.2 devices are one of the fastest in the market. It can provide a 6GB/s speed for both writing and reading. Even the SSD has a speed of 430MB/s while HDD has something less than 50MB/s

But since those m.2 storage devices are little expensive you can’t buy 1TB or 2TB storage if you are on low budget. So buy a 256GB storage and also set a HDD to store your files.

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