Guava leaf tea – the unknown recipe of a natural gift 2019

Guava leaf tea - the unknown recipe of a natural gift 2019
Guava leaf tea - the unknown recipe of a natural gift 2019

When it comes to super fruits with amazing health benefits, we cannot forget rounded green coloured guava. Even though it is green in colour, it has a wonderful sweet taste to pleased your taste buds. It is rich in a number of vitamins that really needed for your bodily functions. Speciality, the high concentration of vitamin C will give you remarkable benefits of its usage.

This is a commonly available fruit in tropical countries. They used this as an ingredient in traditional medicines to treat various kind of diseases. It is amazing to have raw fruit as a whole or as a piece in your dessert table. Not only that, you can use raw leaves as pastes to address your health needs. But, if you cannot find out raw fruits and leaves, what can you do? There is nothing without a solution. You can use pre-made products such as guava leaf tea at that time.

How to make a cup of guava leaf tea?

There are two ways to make a cup of it for your loved ones. The first method is by using natural raw leaves. Since this tree is not that much higher you can easily harvest a few leaves from it. Clean the harvested leaves with pure water before using it to make a tea. Next; you can put those 4-5 leaves into the cup of boiled water and close it. Keep this for about ten minutes. Now, your tea is ready.

The second method is applicable for those who cannot find the natural guava trees. They can buy a pack of this tea from the supermarket. You can find it easily by searching for herbal tea packs. The dried pieces of these leaves may contain in small bags that can be put into boiled water. Take a cup of boiled water as we done early and put this bag into it. After a few minutes, you can serve it to your family.

Guava leaf tea for glowing young skin

The antioxidant properties of the stained guava leaves will offer you a glowing skin as you dreamed. It has beneficial effects on fighting against blackheads and acne. Make sure to use at least two cups of this tea in order to enjoy its maximum effects.

The 3 different ways to have guava

Guava instant smoothly or juice

Take two to three medium-sized and well-matured guava. You can peel it off or you can use them with the peels to make a glass of juice. This depends on your preference. Blend the guava cuts with water and you can add enough sugar to make it tasty.

Guava-Lime cooler

This is another juice with the lime taste. You will need only fifteen minutes to make five to six cups of this. You can decorate the glasses with lime wedges to add a pleasant taste and smell to it.

Guava with fruit salad

Even though many people love guava, they do not add those to their favourite salad. But, here in after, make sure to add half of a medium sized one for your salad bowl without peeling.

The final words

Three are many ways to have this amazing fruit other than the guava leaf tea. Anyway, you can choose whatever the method you prefer the important thing is to have this wonderful fruit for your daily dieting plan. I hope this will become a reference writing for you to use this amazing fruit. Sooner, I will come with a beneficial product like this.


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