Healthy food for a healthy life (2019 compilation)

Healthy food
Healthy food for a healthy life

You are what you eat!

Food is a basic need for all living beings. In other words, one needs food to sustain life. It gives us the necessary fuel, the nutrition to function. In addition to that, we need different types of nutrients in order to live a life.

 For example, calcium is deemed extremely necessary in order for the bones to be functionally strong in our body. We need food with antioxidants so we our immune system will be strong and stable. These are just two of the hundred-plus examples that one could have brought up in order to show how important healthy food is.

It is extremely important to make that distinction of healthy and non-healthy food. Because everything palatable and edible is not necessarily a food that is healthy. For example, fast food, processed food, and carbonated drinks, as tantalizing as they are, are not in the bracket of healthy food.

Furthermore, even the food that is considered as healthy, cannot be taken in inappropriate proportions. If not, their health factors could be the very thing that makes them unhealthy.

Types of food

Like everything else, even the food can be dissected into very particles they are made of. Different food provide different base nutrient particles. These different particles add up and amount to different functions and different nutrients.

A healthy food is something that would offer one or more of those base particles with minimum side effects caused by other sub-particles.

Let us see certain types of healthy food that is being commonly used.

  1. Grains

Grains often take up the role of the main course of the meal. This is a characteristic that can be seen all over the globe without any constraint of culture or tradition. Only the type of grain that can be seen as a difference. For instance, in western cultures, it is corn that takes the driving role. Westerners eat food made of cornflour and other corn products. In the eastern cultures, this changes into the rice. For the most part its steamed rice or a product made of the flour of it.

Grains are the main source of carbohydrates. Carbs are necessary to generate energy. Therefore, it is really important to incorporate good amounts of grains in one’s diet.

2. Meat

Meat provide consumers with another major nutrient that is of real significance. They provide protein. Whenever a muscle is moved and flexed. It amounts to microscopic level damages in the muscle tissues. Protein is there to repair these damages as well as strengthen up thee tissues.

This is why bodybuilders and athletes rely on highly protein-heavy diets. EGGS too go into the same category, acting as the bombshells of protein that they are.

Except for protein, meat products also come packed with calcium. Specially tuna products. As said earlier, calcium is really important to keep the strength and structure of the bone system of a person.

3. Vegetables and fruit

These are edibles that are derived from trees. They contain a lot of different nutrients that are of great value for the function of biological systems such as human body. They are filled to the brim with vitamins and minerals.

Furthermore, they have different other sub nutrients that make give fruits and vegetables medicinal qualities. They come packing with antioxidants. Antioxidants are really important in holding up the structural integrity of the immune system as well overall withstanding ability of one’s body.

Vitamins and minerals found in vegetation is called by the name essential nutrients. The name itself suggests how important these are. They perform thousands of small actions. These actions include some like functionality of eyes, digestion as well as healing wounds and many more.

Proportions of healthy food

These food need to be taken in good appropriate proportions. These proportions differ with regards to what sort of a diet or a body type one is expecting. For example, if one wants to lose weight. His diet should be more protein and less carbohydrates.

But in a general sense, one’s diet should be more of carbohydrates and protein along with significant amounts of vegetation that provides minerals and calcium. Furthermore, the Department of Agriculture of the United States has introduced a pyramid of food in relation to the appropriate proportions of intake.


Healthy food comes in different shapes tastes and textures. But it is all equally important for a healthy diet that offers a healthy life. It is all of our responsibility to search and learn about these foods while educating our loved ones about them.
Because, as we said in the beginning, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!


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