High Protein Fast Food – Best 7 high protein low-carb fast food verities.

High Protein Fast Food
High Protein Fast Food

Can you eat fast food while building a healthy body? That is a real problem right? “You should take a high protein diet” The gym instructor will repeat this everyday. You want to workout everyday at the gym and also you have plenty of office works to complete. So how can you manage time to prepare a high protein diet? That is another problem. Seems like this is getting more and more complicated. But, what if I tell you can fulfill your protein need from fast food. “Are you kidding me?” Nope, not at all… Yes you read it right. You can fulfill your protein need by eating high protein fast food, may be from MacDonald or KFC.

Why you need protein and how much you need?

Protein is an important building block of our body. We need protein to build muscles, cartilages, bones and almost every component. Also, you need proteins to repair your damaged tissues. So, as you are trying to build a healthy body, now you now how important protein is.

But, how much protein you need to eat?

According to American college of sports medicine, if you want to build your muscles you need 1.2 to 1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of your body’s weight.

That means if your weight is 80 Kilograms you need 96 grams (1.2*80) of protein daily. Let’s imagine your all three meals are equal. Then you need 32 grams of protein per meal. So, if your fast food diet content the 32 grams of protein, then “Okay fella just eat it”..

What fast food can provide you the required amount of protein?

First, you need to figure out whether you need to loose weight or not. Most fast food found in the market have high amount of carbs. So, if you eat them other-than helping to loss weight, they may help you to get weight.

Okay, now lets see a menu of a fast food shop. Burgers, submarines, sandwiches oh sounds like loads of carbs and fats. But, let’s see we have some other options like salads, nuts (not metal ones, lol), meaty treats, sound yummy. Let’s find out what to choose..

High protein low carbohydrate fast food

(1) Fast food Salads.

Salads are available in almost every fast food restaurants. A salad is a very healthy and balanced diet containing all the essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Also a salad is a grate way to get protein.

Salads with high protein ingredients like steamed meat, sea food, cheese, tofu, beans and peas, nuts, whole grains and seeds is a very good choice.

(2) Sausages and boiled eggs – Especially good for a breakfast

Eating sausages and boiled eggs are a grate way to get protein. Since, it contain negligible amount of carbs it is also a good choice for a low carb diet.

An egg contain thirteen grams of protein. Also, eggs contain omega 3 fatty acids which are very important to maintain a good health.

Sausages contain around 12% of protein by its weight. However some preservatives found in sausages can cause diseases like cancers. But, if you can find organically made sausages that is a very good choice.

Since, this diet plan doesn’t contain some nutrients like fibers adding something like whole grain cereal is recommended.

sausage and eggs

(3) KFC Grilled chicken

KFC is considers as no-go by healthy food-only people. Since, kfc’s most chicken meals are fried in deep oil it is not a healthy choice. However they have now introduced a grilled chicken meal. Which is “OKAY” to eat.

In high temperatures vegetable oils can brake down into harmful substance. Also, the chicken can absorb those substance. But, in the grilling process, no oil is used.

KFC grilled chicken contain 10% of protein by its weight. So, a chicken bucket can feed you with the required protein amount.

(4) McDonald’s breakfast low-carb sandwich

McDonald have wide verity of foods. Since, people are now more concerned about food and health they have introduced low-carb sandwiches.

A one sandwich contain about 12 grams of protein. So, two sandwich and a egg McMuffins is a grate choice to fulfill your dietary requirements.

(5) Nuts

Nuts are a very good source of protein fiber and vitamins. If you don’t have enough time to prepare a good meal for you or if you are depending on fast food, You should keep few packets of nuts with you.

As we already know, even the protein rich fast food verities are not 100% balanced as a diet. In order to get the missing nutrients adding few nuts to your diet is a good way.

variety of assorted-color beans

Protein and fiber rich nut verities

  • Almond – Almond contain 6 grams of protein and 3.5 grams of fiber per 28 gram serving. Also, one almond serving can fulfill 40% of your daily Vitamin E requirement.
  • Walnuts – Walnut is a excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Also, walnuts contain 4 grams of protein and two grams of fiber per serving.
  • Cashews – Cashews have 5 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber per serving.
  • Brazil nuts – An excellent source of selenium. Brazil nuts also contain 4 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber per serving.

(one serving is equal to 28 grams or a one ounce)

(6) Processed meat

Processed meat is a good protein source. However, scientists demand that some preservatives can cause cancers. Fortunately now we have organically processed meat which is okay to eat.

Bacon, corned beef, jerky, canned meat are very popular protein rich fast food.

(7) Grilled or steamed fish

Fish is considered as one of the healthiest protein sources. Also, many fish verities are rich with omega-3.

Some Fast food restaurants have special fish based fast food verities like fried fish and chips, Grilled whole fish, salmon salads, and etc. So, if you are a fish lover (not pet fish lover, lol) eating fish based fast food is one of the most healthiest methods to get the required protein amount.

grilled fish

(7) Fish burgers and sub-marines.

Many fast food restaurants have food using fish as an main ingredient. For an example McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish and Captain D’s Giant Fish Sandwich is very popular among high protein fast food lovers.

However as the whole meal contain a significant amount of carbohydrate it is a no go if you are in a low carb diet.


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