Honey Benefits For Men You Never Knew (2019)

Honey Benefits For Men
Honey Benefits For Men You Never Knew (2019)

Sweeten yourself to good health!

If there is anything sweeter and anything healthier at the same time than honey, we would be really surprised. Honey is one of the most delicious consumables entities in the globe and is used by almost everybody all around. There is not a single country in the world that has not found a significant use for honey.

Some cultures take honey as a preservative to preserve likes of dates or venison for a long period of time. Some take it as a spread to eat and some use it cook different food that is indigenous for their own cultures. However, in this article, we are going to discuss how it is important to one of the biggest demographics in the world. Yes, we are going to discuss honey benefits for men. Which you will see later in this article, are amazing

However, before doing so, it is deemed important that we look into what honey really is. And the origin of so-called honey. To begin with, honey is not a manmade production. It is made by bees and some other insect categories in the bee family. How honey is made is, bees gather the sweet essence of the flowers and fruit and store it up inside their own made structures called honeycomb. These honeycombs are made of something that is being known as honey wax.

What is in it?

There is a reason that honey is really famous all around the world. While the maim reason is being extremely sweet and delicious, there are other reasons as well. That other reason is the sheer amount of nutrients it has. In order for that, honey is filled with chemical component that are deemed really important for one’s health.

Let us see what 100 g worth honey would bring us.

  • 1272 kJ of energy
  • 82.4 g of carbohydrates
  • Vitamin B6 C
  • Folate B9
  • 6 mg of calcium
  • 52 mg of potassium

This is but a few from an extended list. If you want the full list, please visit the food composition tables presented in the official website of Department of Agriculture of United States.

Honey benefits for men

1. Rich in antioxidants

Honey is filled to the brim with antioxidants. Antioxidants are an important chemical compound in terms of human bodily function. It battles with free radicals. These free radicals cause of lot of havoc inside one’s system

Firstly, they weaken the immunity system by destabilising the body. Therefore, one could easily be a victim of viruses.

Secondly, they cause a state called oxidative stress. In this, the body is damaged at a cellular level. And can even cause cancer. Therefore, honey even fights cancer as well.

2. To replace sugar.

While filled with carbohydrates and calories, it has been discovered that it is less insulin resistant and less harmful for type 2 diabetics.

They have discovered that it will not raise the blood sugar as much as refined sugar would. And there are cases in which honey actually brings out certain advantages for diabetic patients as well.

For example, they can lower the risk of a heart issue of a diabetic patient.

3. Honey and health of heart

Studies have revealed that honey can actually reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol in one’s system. LDL is considered the “bad” cholesterol that can raise the risk of a heart attack

Not stopping there, it can raise HDL “good” cholesterol levels of the heart too.

This is one of the major honey benefits for men as it has found out that, heart attacks are one of the major causes of death for men in this century


Above are only a few of the major honey benefits for men and women. Honey can bring forth so much to one’s life in terms of health while being extremely sweet about it too! So grab yourself a bottle of that sweetness right away!


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