How to Find The Healthiest Dark Chocolate? (Must know)

Healthiest Dark Chocolate
dark chocolate

Bittersweet is the new healthy!

Today’s hot topic is something which is really famous as well as well known all around the world. it is one of those consumables that divide the world in two. What the means is, people either love it or hate it and nobody seems to just prefer it or otherwise.

One might be wondering what the difference, or what lies between normal chocolate and dark chocolate is.  Of course, they are simply two different variants of chocolate and they have a difference which is as clear as day. Chocolate usually consists mainly of cocoa mingled together with milk powder. However, as far as dark chocolate is concerned, the percentage of milk gets significantly less, only to be filled with cacao

Dark chocolate is simply made with more than 60% of cocoa powder and little to no milk included. However, people often wonder as to what the healthiest dark chocolate is. There’s only a simple answer to this. It is that the nutrition of dark chocolate comes directly from the cocoa in it. So the logical, as well as intuitive answer, would be that more cocoa there is, healthier the chocolate is. Usually, the highest regular density of cocoa in dark chocolate is 70 percent.

What is in it?

As we said earlier, nutrition of dark chocolate comes from the cocoa in it. Therefore, in order to gauge the nutrition of dark chocolate, one has to have a look at what sort of nutrition cocoa brings.

Cacao is filled to the brim with energy and other minerals. What exactly is in cacao is a topic that deserves another article itself.

Benefits of healthiest dark chocolate

No use calling one particular type of chocolate the healthiest if they do not provide any sort of health benefits. In this case, that is not the case since dark chocolate provides an ample of health benefits.

1. Antioxidants

Dark chocolate is filled to the brim with antioxidants, since it is something cacao is well known for. There are a lot of health benefits that come with anti-oxidants.

Basically, anti-oxidants are made to neutralize the chemical compounds that go by the name of free radicals. Free radicals can be really unhealthy for somebody

To begin with, it can destabilize the immunity system of a person. In addition to that, it can throw the body out of balance in a way that it will be harmed on a molecular level. This can lead way as far as cancers.

Therefore in a way, chocolate can hinder the risk of getting cancer too.

2. Packed with energy

Cacao contains a lot of calories and strength. This is why meals for soldiers as well as astronauts are made with chocolate. It packs amazing amounts of calories that a small piece is a power inducing as a proper meal.

3. Can reduce heart attack risks

Dark chocolate will battle it out against LDL oxidation. While one will not see an instantaneous result, it has been observed that consuming dark chocolate in a daily basis can prove to be really healthy for heart in the long run.


Too much of anything is never good. Be mindful to consume dark chocolate in moderate portions.  While we mentioned that it having so much energy as a perk. However, if one is not doing strenuous work, it cannot be considered a perk. In addition to that, there is a lot of caffeine in dark chocolate, which will give one a sleepless night if consumed out of proportion.


It is clear that healthiest dark chocolate types are ones that contain a lot of cacao. However, consuming too much would not be good health. Always read the label before buying.


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