How To Get a Better Sleep Without Taking Any Mediation

How to get a better sleep
How To Get a Better Sleep Without Taking Any Mediation

A good sleep is an essential need for a healthy life. During sleep, the body improves brain functions which help your body to maintain physical health. But, some of us don’t get a good sleep. However, you can improve your sleep quality by following some simple methods. Let’s figure out how to get a better sleep..

(1) Reduce blue light expose in night

Our bodies have a biological clock which is called the circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is controlled by the hormone “Melatonin”.

Melatonin helps to relax and get a deep sleep. When blue light is present your eyes send a massage to the brain saying “hey its still the day time. Don’t sleep you lazy fella” And this massage reduce the melatonin level to allow you to stay awake.

Electronic equipment’s like mobile phones, televisions, computer monitors and laptop screens emit a significant amount of blue light. However there are some methods to reduce night time blue light expose.

  1. Using the blue light filter mode in your mobile phone. (Almost all new phones have this facility. In case, your phone doesn’t have a blue light mode you can download a blue light filter app from app store or play store.)
  2. Wearing blue light filtering glasses.
  3. Activate the night mode in your laptop or computer.
  4. Avoid using electronic devices including phone,laptop,TV at least two hours before bed.
  5. Don’t use bulbs with a high brightness level.
(2) Avoid taking drinks which contain caffeine

Caffeine can stimulate your nerves system. So, caffeine can interrupt your bodies natural relaxing mechanism. In a study, Scientists found that consuming caffeine up to 6 hours before bed can reduce the quality of sleep of a person.

Drinks like Coffee, Coca-cola, Pepsi-cola contain caffeine. Once you drink a caffeine based drink, it can stay up to 8 hours in your blood stream.

So, Avoid drinking caffeine containing beverages during night time.

(3)Exercise regularly

According to a medical research conducted by Stafford university school of medicine,

A 40 min evening exercise session improved the sleep quality by a significant amount in adults.

We all know that regular exercises can improve our mental and physical health. Now we know that also improves our sleep quality. You don’t need to do weight lifting or hard exercises to achieve a good health. Just try,

  • A daily 30 min walk
  • Some other aerobic exercises like spinning, running, swimming and cycling.
  • Also, you should try Yoga..
(4) Choose a specific time to sleep and wake up.

As mentioned before, your body have a biological clock working inside. So, you can train your clock to wake up you at a constant time of the day.

Also, the clock can ask you brain “Hey brain, now its 11 p.m this guy always sleeps at 11 so now lets sleep”

If you sleep at a specific time of the day, Your body will build a sleep rhythm. And that rhythm will allow you to stay asleep until the time you expect to wake-up.

Also, Try these things,

  • Avoid irregular daytime naps
  • Stop drinking alcohol
  • Get a good space to sleep
  • Choose a good mattress and a pillow.
  • Drink more water and stay hydrated.
  • Don’t eat lipids and meats for at least 4 hours before bed.
  • Do some meditation
  • Use a sleep music track in the background of your room.
  • Eat melatonin boosting food.


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