How to Make a 3D Model of Your Dream Home from Scratch

3d Model house
3d Model house - Build your dream house in 3D

You may have a dream of building a beautiful home. Yes, indeed, you have a dream. The bedroom must be like this. Oh, and the bathroom should be like this. You have already built your home inside your head. But, the builders can’t read your minds. They just follow the instructions given in the house plan. As every development is done according to a house plan first at all, you need a plan. Usually, you can hire a draftsman or an architecture to draw a house plan for you. In the drawing process, you can advise the architect to add things from your dreams. But, how can you make sure he or she drew the exact house from your dreams? That is quite a problem, right? Don’t worry; now you can build and see your house almost before you buy land. You heard it right. Now you can do it, not in the actual world but in a virtual environment. 3D designing a prototype of your house plan is an excellent way to avoid any mistakes.

An architect working on a draft with a pencil and ruler

What is a 3D house model?

A 3D house model is a real like 3D model of a building that draws according to a 2D drawing. From the architecture, you can get a 2D drawing or a plan for a house. Then a 3D graphic visualizer can build the building using computer software like 3D Max, Solidworks or Autodesk Maya, inventor, etc. This 3D model will have the same features as the final house. So, if you want to edit anything, you can just do it by analyzing the 3D model.

This technology is growing rapidly. You can design and decide everything about your future house even without building the foundation of it. The floor color or pattern, wall colors, roof design, staircase design, doors, windows, anything you can decide, and try before starting the building process.

3d model house
3d model house

Why you need a 3D model of your house?

After construction, changes are very expensive. Also, it takes much more time than just constructing something. So, if you change your mind after building the house, there will be many things to remove. Also, removing the structural things will significantly reduce the durability and the strength of the building. But, you can build your home in a 3D virtual environment to see whether it fits with your requirements. If not, you can change anything within seconds. So, the wastage is zero.

The second stage

Using a 3D printer, you can even print the 3D design. So, you can refer to this plastic model at any time with the real construction to see whether everything is going okay. There are few modern 3D printing companies those who can print a model using any color combinations. So, you can ask them to print the exact 3D model of your home with the floor tiles, window designs, wall patterns, and everything. 

3d model house

Not only that.

You can even design the interiors using 3D modeling software. Where to keep the furnisher, what kind of arts to mount on the wall, everything you can decide and plan with the help of a 3D interior and exterior designer. 

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