The Beauty-full Berry : Strawberry Hair Benefits

Strawberry Benefits For Hair And Skin
Strawberry Benefits For Hair And Skin

Just like skincare, but delicious!

Strawberry is a fruit that has gotten a lot of traction. Over the years, strawberries have become a worldwide phenomenon. Having being a constant edible in the western parts of the world, now it has garnered such a wide reputation as a fruit of heavenly taste. The extremely scrumptious sweet and sour nature and the unique texture of the fruit, make it a real treat to eat.

What is in it?

There are certain nutrient potentials a fruit has that would make it beneficial for one’s skincare. Let us see what of those that strawberries do have.

In the amount of 100g, strawberry has:

  • Vitamin C of 58.8 mg
  • Choline of 5.7 mg
  • Magnesium of 13 mg
  • Phosphorus of 24 mg

These are few extracted points from a long list of nutrients. If you want the full list please visit the food composition table of website of Department of Agriculture of United States.

Strawberry benefits for hair and skin


1. Against hair fall

Strawberries are indeed a wealth of vitamin C. This is a chemical compound with a lot of benefits for one’s hair and skin.

The iron in the system is really important when it comes to hair growth and fall. Better absorbent the blood of iron, weaker the hair fall and stronger the growth. Vitamin C increases the ability to absorb iron.

Silica is another chemical component that is vital in stopping bald heads. And silica is another chemical compound that Strawberries are filled with.

2. Gives a glow to one’s skin

Vitamin C, again, shines. (No pun intended) its reaction with the blood will leave one with a glowing skin that is beautiful as well as healthy.

In addition to that, magnesium too is another commonly found particle in strawberries. It can cleanse the skin and rid it off all dust particles that get stuck in it.

Furthermore, it helps heal the callouses and the scars that occur in one’s skin.

3. Strawberries and dandruff

Again back to vitamin C. This wonderful chemical remedies yet another skin problem for what we are all looking for answers. That is dandruff

Dandruff is a skin rash that occurs because of the unhealthy and dried up the nature of the skin. Vitamin C actively remedy those conditions to give one a healthy scalp.


We are quite sure that this list had all our readers in awe. Nobody would expect such a common fruit to have this many amazing strawberry benefits for hair and skin. But that seems to the theme with Mother Nature. She just gives you way more than you expect her to. You just have to look in the right places!


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