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Onion health benefits to eliminate all the bad days in 2019

Onion Health Benefits

The onions are a most popular item in almost every kitchen in the world. The plant family of it is the allium. If you really need to have a low-calorie diet, your dietitian will advise you to use salads rich with onions. The usual calorie content of 100g of it is the 40 calories. The carbohydrate, lipid and protein content is considerably less in these. However, it is rich with minerals such as calcium and potassium. The vitamin content in this much of portion also can be appreciated. It is considered as a most usable food item due to these nutritional values. You do not need to pay extra attention to add to your diet. There is a habitual thing among our mothers to add a few pieces of onion when cooking. But, it is actually questionable in their knowledge on onion health benefits other than the traditional beliefs.

3 most effective onion health benefits for the human body

  • Anti-cancer properties

The organosulfur content in this family of vegetable has a wonderful effect on preventing cancers, especially in the stomach and colon. This is a well-researched area. However, still, there are some gaps in here. Hence, it is important to conduct studies on this.

  • The effects for skin and hair

The collagen is an important part of your skin and body. It is responsible to keep firmness and shape of your muscles and skin. The vitamin C content in onion has an amazing effect on the synthesis and maintenance of the amount of collagen in your body.

  • Effects on mental health

This nice natural creature works better to ease of depression and also problems associated with sleep and appetite. It increases the production of hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. These hormones are responsible to keep you happier and relaxed person. Hence, you will not have sleepless nights anymore by increasing the amount of onion in your diet.

How to cook your favourite surprise by preserving onion health benefits

Even though there are numerous onion benefits as such, there are some facts to consider when using it for your curries or salads. Eating raw onions will give you the best chances to absorb all the nutrition in it. Otherwise, you can add them to soup, curries, salads, fried and devilled dushes Etc. However, keep in mind, you have to peel an onion when you really want to use them. Do not keep peeled pieces for long by exposing to room air. It will cause for several harmful bacteria growth in between onion peels. These oxidative reactions and bacterial concentration can lead to several health issues.

The final comments

There are no more risks of using onions in the recent literature. But, you have to keep it’s dry and warm to prevent unnecessary oxidative reactions due to the chemical composition of it. If you follow this simple guideline, you will be able to enjoy onion health benefits as word sounds. Do not miss out any of the words here to be an excellent mother.

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