The Sri Lanka Tourism Board Responds to the Pride March

sri lanka tourism board

The Sri Lanka Tourism Board Responds to the Pride MarchThe president of the SLTB has made an appeal in an effort to help the battered LGBT community in Sri Lanka remain part of their nation. An individual might be forgiven for thinking that statement was aimed at the us government.

As the SLTB doesn’t seem to be directly advocating that the government simply take drastic steps to assist the struggle against homophobia in SriLanka, they state that they will not”take sides” from the upcoming Pride March. That the SLTB will act as a conduit. It states they will help them in finding ideas that will help fight homophobia in SriLanka. It does not say whether the SLTB will provide logistical support to this administration’s efforts, nor does it make any claims of responsibility.

Sri Lanka Tourism Board
Sri Lanka Tourism Board

That having been said, the SLTB is currently also making an important announcement in a country such as Sri Lanka where there was more work to be carried out. The LGBT community has been under attack from Sri Lanka for many years. Have the attempts at reform didn’t make a difference, but LGBT people will be around in the control of the authorities for far too long.

A fresh draft law that’s been tabled, that would allow gays to become jailed for their sexuality, is towards the hopes of the international community for these rights. The position in Sri Lanka is particularly unfortunate because of the simple fact that LGBT rights advocates have managed to come up with a consensus for change. They have not been given the luxury of a lengthy period of peace. Town will be under attack and it’s just a question of time before the market suffers.

Simply because these were also homosexual, Besides the setbacks, there is the notorious gang rape of 2 women. The rights of lesbians and gays from SriLanka are in the lap of the powerful as it stands. Nevertheless, the SLTB is trying to be certain that they are a part of history and Sri Lanka’s culture.

The SLTB won’t be able to help the LGBT community if the government does not support them. They have been working on this issue with the government and political leaders, and also the government response is to concentrate on issues such as improving government services. We might never know if the government in Sri Lanka is enthusiastic about devoting legislation which will help the LGBT community, and the SLTB is an intermediary that is important.

As this SLTB’s president, there are many ways to help the LGBT community. Inform them that you support their efforts and you may wish to consider calling them. You can demonstrate to them you just hope that they could help and that you care.

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