The Color That Is So Cool About Tanning in California

tanning chico ca
tanning chico ca

One of the coolest things about tanning in California is the color options available to you. In Los Angeles you have your choice of the Classic White/Silver or Light Brown/Bronze for you to choose from. In San Diego you also have the choice of the Gold, Burgundy and Navy Brown all which have different shades and tones to choose from.

Whether you are going to be going to a tanning salon or looking for a tanning bed, you can get the tan you want. However, what do you do when it is too late to save the color from your skin? You can’t just come back in a week or two to put on another tan. This is where they come in handy.

They come in many different types of cream and lotion. What ever you choose always keep in mind that the type of cream you use is important. Some of the creams for tanning are really not suitable to our skin and can cause more damage to it rather than good. Whatever the type of cream you decide to use to make sure that you only use the cream or lotion that has been approved by the FDA.

tanning chico ca
tanning chico ca

The cream or lotion should be thick, creamy and very watery. You need it to be oil free and include a chemical free moisturizer.

Make sure that the cream or lotion does not contain mineral oil as this will create a lot of damage to your skin. Mineral oil is more expensive than any other kind of oil and can cause even more damage to your skin and can also lead to allergic reactions in some people.

If you go to a tanning salon, be sure to ask them if they have the cream that they will use on you when you first enter the room. If they do not have the right one then ask them about another brand that will do the same job. Even, if the tanning salon you choose to go to has the correct type of tanning lotion then you may want to ask them if they will allow you to switch to another brand that has better quality.

Going to a tanning salon or tanning bed may be something that you might have to do occasionally but going to tanning cream is something that you will want to do more often. Keep in mind that just because you go once in a while doesn’t mean that you will have to every time.

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