Top 3 tomato benefits for skin (2019 LIST)

tomato benefits for skin
Top 3 tomato benefits for skin (2019 LIST)

Red sustenance

Tomato has status everywhere in globe. Across each and all cultures and traditions, tomato is being utilized in several diverse aspects. This round and juicy vegetable has diverse purposes as well as usages. However, though we called it a vegetable, a raging debate is going on in the world. It is as to what tomato actually is. Specialists are still in debate as to what it is.

Regardless of what it is classified into, there is one thing we can guarantee on. That is, it is brimming with nutrients and there is a lot chemical compounds which are absolutely necessary and healthy for us.

In this article, we are going to be having a closer look about only one aspect of this fruit or vegetable. That is the findable and verifiable tomato benefits for skin.

It is astounding how multifaceted tomato is able to certainly be. While offering something for most of the integral components of the human anatomy. It does a lot in term of skincare and skin maintenance.

What is in it?

In order to give a lot of benefits, it is not a far reach to think that tomatoes are highly nutritious. Furthermore, They are quite nutritious, in reality too.

Furthermore, following list will show you what you can expect in a plate worth 100 g of tomatoes.

  • 74 kJ of energy
  • 3.9 g of carbohydrates
  • 0.2 g of fat
  • 0.9 g of protein
  • Vitamin A B6 C E K
  • Thiamine B1
  • Niacin B3
  • 11 mg of magnesium
  • 237 mg of potassium

If needed to read the whole list, please visit the food composition table of department of agriculture of United States.

Tomato benefits for skin!

Let us dive deep into what this red gooey juiciness can do to one’s skin!

  1. For oiliness

Tomatoes is able to aid individuals to get their skin’s oil free. As of modern day and age, an oily skin has become an epidemic. moreover, All the black smoke in addition to polluted air that one exposes into. Consequently oily skin is rendered inevitable.

One can smear tomatoes which are raw in their faces before washing and rinsing it off after five minutes. This will result in an oil free, cleaner skin.

  1. For open pores

Things like open pores and blackheads can be regarded as one of the scariest modern nightmares. As said earlier, air pollution as well as carbon discharge of vehicles have resulted in most of us getting these dreadful things

However, tomato can help one a great deal with the situation, all one has to do is to smear fresh tomato. Then, while at it, let the tomato juice concentrate on those pores. Finally, wash it off after 15 minutes

  1. Against sun burn

Tomatoes hold house to a magnitude of vitamins. Quite particularly, A plus C. Along with these significant amounts of Vitamins, tomatoes be able to be an invaluable remedy for sunburns.

Furthermore, in order to do that, tomato juice joins hands alongside buttermilk. When this mixture is pasted on a sunburn or a rash that has occurred because of sunburns, it gives a soothing sensation. Keep it there up until the mark of ten minutes for few days to get positive outcomes


Finally, Mother Nature has gifted humanity with a plethora of boundless gifts. Moreover, Tomatoes too can definitely be considered as a priceless gift. The versatility in its nature is quite astonishing because it does not finish from tomato benefits for skin. Consequently, It goes on and on!


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