Water damaged phone how to fix at Home


If you dropped your phone to water, immediately remove your phone from water And DO NOT TRY TO SWITCH IT ON! Remove all the covers and the battery from your water damaged phone.

Then follow the following 6 easy steps to recover your phone.

You may have accidentally dropped your mobile phone into a toilet, a sink, a pool, or a river, but don’t worry, you can still recover your phone and avoid further damages. It is essential to dry your phone before trying to fix it. If you are not willing to get the help of a repair technician, still you can follow the methods mentioned below.

Before the drying process, you need to do some other essential things. First, remove the phone from water and be careful not to shake the phone to remove water. Then follow the following steps to recover your water damaged phone.

It is crucial to remove the phone as quick as possible.

1. Remove any external back covers and the back cover of the water damaged phone. Remove any stored water on the backside.

Back covers may hold a significant amount of water. If it is not removed, your water damaged phone will take a long time to dry. Remove your protective back cover, and the phones’ original back cover then Wipe them with a dry cloth. And place them in a clean and dry place. Do not put them under direct sunlight or near a flame.

After that, you can use an antiseptic or some other cleaning liquid to clean your back cover but do not use any liquids on the circuit parts of your phone. Make sure to use a chemical that is compatible with plastics. We suggest to use anti-bacterial liquids like Dettol or cleaning alcohol to clean the back cover.

Some phone like iPhones comes with a sealed back. Most battery Sealed phones have security features to avoid any water leaks. So don’t worry. Just don’t shake your phone to remove water.

2. Remove the battery of water damaged phone (If Possible)

The battery is the power provider of the phone. After the battery is removed from the water damaged phone there is no chance of electrical shorts.

Clean water is not a good electric conductor, but still, water can carry current. When water is present, it can build its own circuits, which could connect all the negative and positive points of the motherboard of your phone. We call it shorts in circuits. Shorted circuits can damage important parts of your phone like the processor camera and etc.

For sealed back phones – If you are not confident about removing the battery, do not attempt. Even in sealed phones, it is not that hard to remove the battery. We’ll talk that later.

And for iPhones and other battery sealed phones, there is a different method to fix.

After removing the battery, wipe its electrode points with a dry cloth. Do not use anything in the liquid form to clean the battery. Depending on what liquid you have dropped your phone some times, the battery may explode.


 Keep reaching out of your battery if it is hot, bloated, or smelly. 

Especially if your phone was dropped in to,

  1. any acid
  2. A base
  3. any Saltwater
  4. Seawater
  5. Any laboratory chemical 
  6. Any industrial chemical 

, or its acquis solutions, follow the third step immediately. 

3. Remove all the removable parts from the water damaged phone.

Remove your SD card, the Sim, and any other attachments from the water damaged the phone and place them on a ball of cotton wool to dry. Don’t worry, SD cards and sim cards don’t get damaged from water.

But if your phone was dropped into salt water, there is a fair chance of damaging the SD card and simSim. Wipe the golden color parts of the SD card and simSim with a cotton cloth dipped in Isopropyl alcohol. After that, keep things to dry.

3.Wipe the backside of the phone with a dry cloth or cotton wool

This process will remove any remaining water on the backside of the water damaged phone, which will help the phone to dry faster. Cotton wool is a better absorber.

4. Dip your phone inside a bag of dry rice and allow the phone to dry for at least 24 hours to dry.

Rice is a good water absorber. After dipping your water damaged phone inside the rice bag, the rice will absorb the remaining water volume slowly. Keep it to dry for at least 24h (the more you can keep, the results will be better). Do not keep the phone in the same rice bag for weeks. When rice absorbs water after a few days, fungus and bacteria will start to grow inside the bag. Some of these fungi can damage your phone completely.

If you are not satisfied after keeping the phone in the rice bag for 2-3 days, make sure to change the rice bag so that the problem will not occur.

There are Some other things you can do to boost this drying process.

5. After drying, wipe the phone with Isophryl alcohol dipped cotton wool.

Even after drying, Some infectious bacteria and fungus are in the water damaged phones, but don’t worry; some alcohol can kill them all.

6. Place the battery and try to switch on the phone.

Hurray!! Your water damaged phone is now back online but no bill to pay. However, we suggest you servicing your phone to avoid any further problems. If not serviced, sometimes, after a few days, components like the camera will malfunction, but the service is not going to cost you that much money. So do service and keep your phone in working condition.

7.Backup your phone as soon as possible

Your water damaged phone may malfunction at any time. So, if it is working now immediately import your valuable data.

Get your data backup by connecting the phone to a computer. Then no worries, nothing to lose. 

Always backup your data into an online drive system like Google Drive to avoid any data loss in case of phone damage.

Follow this guide to turn on auto-backup.

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how to fix water damaged phone


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