Watermelon calories, benefits and reasons to have(2019)

Watermelon calories, benefits
Watermelon calories, benefits and reasons to have(2019)

Goodness comes from nothing! Literally!

Day by day, obesity is becoming a problem, a bigger problem than it was yesterday. Everything, every element in this modern life is seem to be leading people towards more obesity.

 The stress of occupation, lack of time for anything other than their jobs and worst of all, the food that we consume. All of these are pushing us into being excessively overweight. They add astounding numbers of calories to our food that inevitably make us obese.

This is why we are required to know about our food, way more than ever. Because simple changes in our diets could go very long way. That is why this article is about Watermelon calories, advantages and benefits. This will tell why and what everything else we need to know about watermelon.

Watermelon is something doctors all around the globe have already recognized for its goodness. This so called goodness differs from other fruits that we meet in day to day life. It is coming from the lack of nutrients! It is such a weird claim and we know that! But it is not true. Let us tell you why and how

What is in it?

The above made claim will stand tested in this section where we delve into what is inside watermelon. Let us see the chemical nutrients that filled inside watermelon

If one had a 100 g worth plate of watermelon, they will consume following;

  • 127 kJ of energy
  • 7.55 g of carbohydrates
  • 0.15 g of fats
  • 0.61 g of protein
  • Vitamin A B6 C
  • Choline
  • Niacin B3
  • Calcium 7 mg
  • Potassium 112 mg
  • A whopping 91.45 g of water

Guess it is pretty clear where it got its name from. If you need the full list please visit Food Research Service page of US dependent of agriculture

What is it for?

There is a reason we talked a lot about the growing issue of obesity at the beginning of this article. It is because watermelon is now at the fore front in the fight against obesity.

  • Substitute for beverages

If you read up the above list, it is clear that watermelon is almost made of water. Therefore a lot of dieticians around the earth prescribe watermelon instead of other beverages. In fact it is discovered today that all the artificial beverage can cause obesity themselves. Therefore even if one is planning to shed some weight, watermelon would be a good place to start.

It would not feel like a chore because of the natural sweetness of this fruit as well. It is almost as if you are being rewarded not for consuming a liquid that causes cancer, diabetes and obeity.

  • Substitute for food

Dieting is a task which is neither easy nor overly pleasant. This is the main reason that people still go to tantalizing food even when they know that they are unhealthy. Because we humans like things that are delicious and while being nutritious, vegetables for the most part are not.

That is where watermelon can step up. It can work as a substitute for food. Thanks to the astonishing percentages of water inside it, while adding virtually nothing, it can fill one’s hunger.

And the great taste helps too. It is a win-win since you get to eat something refreshing, filling and delicious while adding almost no calories.


By now it is clear what we said when we said that watermelon is beloved for having nothing. In this day and age everything you kills drags you an inch closer to a gruesome death. But watermelon can help you reverse that effect while providing a grand sensory experience. It is one of those rare merges of healthy and delicious. We owe it to our readers to write about Watermelon calories, benefits and reasons to have.

Don’t take our word for it. Almost all diets these days are based around meals off the watermelon. to sum up, It is famous and appreciated as both a food and as juice. After reading this, go try a piece of cool watermelon on a hot day and thank us later!


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