Benefits Of Yogurt In Men

yogurt benefits for MEN
yogurt benefits for MEN

This goes out to all our dairy loving guys!

Nobody’s a stranger to dairy products. A significant percentage of us are using dairy consumable on a daily basis.  Be it milk or any other dairy product, almost everybody fancies themselves some sort of a dairy product. Here in this article, we will be talking of another such dairy product that has gained a lot of attraction all over the world. We are talking about yogurt. Especially the health aspects of it. In other words, this article is mainly on yogurt benefits for men.

As far as the preparation is concerned, yogurt is one of the dairy products whose preparation goes a little bit beyond in comparison. It is made by fermenting lactose, or in other words, milk, using a bacteria. This bacteria is called “yogurt cultures,” thus giving the name yogurt to this food.

For the most part cow milk is what is used to make yogurt. However, yak, buffalo and goat milk is used in some cases as well. Yogurt amounts to be delicious food that contains a lot of advantageous health properties for men as well as women. Those health benefits will be discussed down, in this article.

What is in it?

4 Amazing Yogurt Benefits for Men
4 Amazing Yogurt Benefits for Men

As said above. Yogurt proves to be quite nutritious. Let us delve deep into what makes it such a nutritious food.

Following are the nutrition one can get if they were to consume a 100 g worth yogurt.

  • 406 kJ of energy
  • 3.98 g of carbohydrates
  • 5 g of fat
  • 9 g of protein
  • Vitamin A B6 B12 C
  • Choline
  • 100 mg of calcium
  • 135 mg of phosphorus
  • 141 mg of potassium
  • 82 g of water

These are a major few that has been extracted from a long list. If you want to read the extensive list, please visit the food composition table of the website of Department of Agriculture of United States.

Yogurt benefits for men.


1. Yogurt and digestion

As said earlier, yogurt is made out of a bacterial interaction with lactose. Therefore, it goes without saying that yogurt is full of bacterial elements. These are really helpful as far as digestion is concerned.

This bacteria can help the consumer with digestive diseases such as diarrhea as well as Crohn’s disorder. Furthermore, the probiotics that can be located inside yogurt can be of huge uplift for one’s immune system as well as proper movements in bowels as well.

2. Yogurt for weight reduction

The bacteria in yogurt can amount to being a great tool of weight reduction as well. Studies have shown that regular yogurt intake has seen reductions in weight.  This has been the case especially in obese men.

However, it has been noticed that the results are not as satisfactory for women as it is for men. Women have not yielded the same reduction results through yogurt.

3. Yogurt and sexual health.

Studies have constantly shown that yogurt can help develop the sexual health of men. Research published in the esteemed journal “PLoS ONE” has shown that regular consumption of yogurt can amount to larger sperm counts and fast regenerative times. Furthermore, it has found that yogurt can enhance the overall sexual health of a man.

4. Enhanced muscle mass

Yogurt, especially Greek Yogurt, can be viewed as a great nonfat protein source for all men who are on the constant lookout for a proper supplement.  Yogurt can provide up to 18 g of protein without the fact that all its protein rivals would add to the mix.


It is clear that yogurt benefits for men are in abundance. This is indeed one of those rare instances where tasty also means healthy!


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