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Microsoft windows is the most popular operating system for laptops and personal computers. Windows was first introduced as windows 1.0 in 1985. For the past decades Microsoft took the authority of operating system market with their super cool windows OS. However by 2016 Official updates and support services ended for All versions between Windows 1.0 to windows 8. Even the 8.1 version of windows now have limited updates. So, windows 10 is becoming the most suitable windows version. Windows 10 was first introduced in July 2015. It has 10 different editions which comes with different features. With their latest build no 18362 windows developers have included plenty of new features with the new windows 10 update.

Windows 10 new features

New Features included in Windows 10

With 2019 May update of windows 10 the development team introduced many new features.

Windows 10 Hello – A  new feature

If you are exhausted of using passwords to login, say good bye to the password. Say hello to new windows 10 hello feature to unlock your windows three times faster.  Windows hello is the latest biometric scanner comes with windows 10. You can use your computers cameras to recognize yourself to unlock your device. Also, if you have a fingerprint scanner you can use that too.

Passwords are too easy to crack and track. So, don’t risk your valuable data. Get in touch with the windows hello security system. So, no one can access your PC except for you.

person holding Hello! sticker

Windows Defender

Few years earlier we all had a habit of buying third party virus guards to avoid virus attacks. Other than saving you from virus attacks Most of these virus guards just slowed your PC. But, today you don’t need to use an external virus guard. Windows defender is there to protect your PC. Powerful as hell, windows defender is now more than enough to protect you from common virus attacks.

So, why you pay for another virus guard? Just keep the windows and defender up to date. However if you are downloading pirated things, then you may need an advance virus guard to defend your PC.

A point to gather all of Your memories

Windows 10 introduced many new features to Microsoft photos app. You can store all your digital memories in a one app. No need to seek everywhere to find your old photos. Just upload them to the photos app.

If you are using windows for a long time you may have heard about windows movie maker. Movie maker is a simple and efficient app to create videos using your photos and videos’. But, windows movie maker is no longer available with the new windows versions. However, now you have the photo app. You can do all things you did with the movie maker with the help of photos app.

You can create movies, add 3d effects to your videos, edit all the photos, sort and categories and do many things to get the perfect value of your memories.  If you want,  You can read more about the photo and movie editor from here.

Not only these things you can get limitless features with the new windows 10 updates. To stay in touch and to learn more about windows features subscribe and follow our blog. Read our blog from here. 


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